Dr. Amin Sanjeev, Rheumatologist in Chowpathy, Mumbai

Overall Rating : 4.5
Dr. Amin Sanjeev is a Rheumatologist in Chowpathy, Mumbai
Doctor Detail :

Dr. Amin Sanjeev is a in Chowpathy, Mumbai and has 1 user reviews.



Speciality Alias

Arthritis Specialist


Bombay Mutual Terrace, Sandhurst Bridge, Grant Road, Opp. Standard Chartered Bank, Chowpathy, Mumbai.

Phone No.

02223682834, 02223671473.

Consulting Timing

Mon - Fri 9:30 am - 5:00 pm

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  • Rated : 4.5

He is a very good doctor. He keeps updating patient's condition to the family members and also suggests which medicines will give more benefits to the patient to recover fast, he also suggests proper diet to the patient.

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