Dr. Kanu Rajput, Sexologist in Janakpuri, Delhi

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Dr. Kanu Rajput is a Sexologist in Janakpuri, Delhi
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Dr. Kanu Rajput is a (BAMS ) in Janakpuri, Delhi and has 1 user reviews.



  • BAMS
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5 Years


Sidri International Skin, Hair & Sexology Clinic, B-1/72, Near Janakpuri East metro station, Janakpuri, Delhi

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  • Rated : 5

My Life was becoming Hopeless and worthless due to my severe erection problem which was not getting improved no matter which doctor, what medicines and what not i used to take or follow... On recommendation from my friend who was treated by Dr Kanu Rajput I finally came to doctor without much expectation, but seeing him as my LAST HOPE. Initially, I thought its just another Doctor who is just Sitting to make Money from patients like me.

By the Grace of God, I dont have any Financial Issues, but I was Wishing that atleast i should get something in terms of treatment what I'm Paying for.

Thankfully, I bet my last hope on him and He Didn't even let me Down. He gave me some medicines and now i can see the impact on my overall health, including My Mood, nervousness and Of course Errection.

I'm Greatful to Dr. Kanu Rajput to Save My Marriage and making me a better person what I USED TO BE :-D

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