Dr. Shaesta Mehta, Gastroenterologist in Parel, Mumbai

Overall Rating : 3.5
Dr. Shaesta Mehta is a Gastroenterologist in Parel, Mumbai
Doctor Detail :

Dr. Shaesta Mehta is a (MBBS ) in Parel, Mumbai and has 1 user reviews.



Speciality Alias

Digestive System Disorder Specialist

  • MBBS


Tata Memorial Hospital, Dr. E Borges Road, Parel, Mumbai, Maharashtra - 400012

Phone No.

02224177000, 02224146750.

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  • Rated : 3.5

DR Shaesta Mehta is one of the best doctors in Mumbai and maybe India. Her patients swear by her and she is supposed to have a 'blessed hand' where gastroenterologist driven procedures are concerned. I know of really complicated cases which she has pulled off with excellence. She is also a great human being, someone an ailing person would want to go to and know that they will be cared for in the best way. 

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