Alcoholism - The Reason Why People Are Addicted

By Refadoc, Posted on : Tuesday, 02 June 2015 - 10:35 am IST

Alcoholism does not seem like much of a problem to a large number of people. However, deep down it plays a host towards the rising of major issues and problems in a person’s mental and physical growth level. Addicts have a very hard time adapting in the society and are therefore traumatised.

The causes for the rise of alcoholism in people differ from one addict to the other. This problem rises over a period of time and does not occur over a night. There are many factors such as genetic, emotional and social that gives rise to the generation of alcoholism in people. Due to such reasons, when a person is to cope with the stresses of life, alcohol seems like an easy way out.

Let’s take a close look over the factors which lead to alcoholism in people:


There is no denying of the fact that alcoholism runs in families. There is a high chance of the occurrence of alcoholism in the upcoming generations when parents have an addictive tendency towards it. Alcoholics who’ve had parents and grandparents dealing with addiction consciously experiment with alcohol and mostly become addicted to it. Researchers have provided evidence that there is a greater susceptibility of alcohol inheritance in people who have families dealing with the same problems.

2.Emotional issues:

Another reason that gives rise to the problem of addiction is the emotional issues that may arise from the physical and mental issues that a person may be dealing with. They may include depression, low self esteem or sexual issues. It has been proved that people who are known to suffer from physical or mental abuse are more prone to turn towards alcoholism as an excuse or escape from their situation and numbing the internal pain. The coping strategy that they hope to gain from alcohol only lasts for some time. It is however, taken over by addiction.

3.Mental Issues:

Several mental issues such as depression cause people to turn over to alcohol in order to feel better. People turn towards alcohol as a way towards self medication, but it leads to the formation of dangerous drinking habits and a personal struggle. Within months, the body develops a dependence on alcohol and thus the brain develops a ‘reward mechanism’ by which every time a person drinks alcohol, he ends up feeling better for himself.

Apart from these, young people under the peer pressure sometimes are forced to take up drinking in order to be a member of their group. Also, people with low self esteem and problems with relationships turn to alcohol as a way of dealing with the stress. Alcohol emerges as a way of escape to the people who lead a stressful life and have an easy access to alcohol.

Whatever the reasons, once the body becomes dependent upon alcohol, it becomes very difficult to remove this dependency from the drink and this leads to the addiction.

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