Amazing Health Benefits of Sleeping

By Refadoc, Posted on : Wednesday, 20 August 2014 - 11:44 pm IST


When someone made that rhyme, ‘Early to bed, early to rise’, they were probably thinking about the many benefits of sleeping. Yes, there are so many benefits of sleeping that one can be astonished and amazed at the same time. So, take a look why you should be sleeping more!

  • Improving your memory: Yes, while you are asleep, your mind is still active and that’s the only time when your brain is strengthening and working on the practice skills that you had learnt while you were awake! So, while you are sleeping, your brain is working out to consolidate on the things which you had learnt all day long, giving you an impetus and enhancing your memory, naturally.
  • A long life: The more you sleep, the lesser will be your illnesses! Sleep patterns are known to affect the quality of life that you are leading and therefore if you sleep better, then the chances of a longer life span are enhanced manifold.
  • Keeping Inflammation at Bay: Inflammation stems in different kinds of diseases and conditions such as diabetes, stroke, heart disease and arthritis. Therefore, if you are getting your 7 hours of sleep every night, then your blood has a higher level of inflammation proteins as compared to your counterparts and this improves your blood pressure as well!
  • Building your Creativity: A good night’s sleep is necessary in order to consolidate all your memory and makes them stronger than before. It helps your brain in order to reorganize and restructure the memories and increases your productivity.
  • Sharpens your attention: due to the lack of sleep children develop symptoms for diseases such as ADHD. Therefore, sleep deprivation decreases the proactively of the kids and makes them hyperactive, impulsive and reduces their attention span as well.
  • Lowering of the stress level: Getting an adequate amount of sleep is going to make sure that there is a great improvement in your cardiovascular health. Also, it can reduce the levels of stress which you are dealing with, and can help you have a better control over your life by decreasing the amount of cholesterol- which leads to heart diseases
  • Avoiding Accidents: a lot of accidents take place because people are under slept. Lack of sleep can go on to affect the performance of the driver. When a person has taken insufficient amount of sleep, it could act as an obstruction towards causing accidents and affecting the lives of many people.
  • Keeping Depression at Bay: Sleeping well means that a person gets to enjoy doing everything in which he indulges and avoiding irritability. When a person has taken an adequate amount of sleep, it streets him clear from the clutches of depression and therefore does not cause irritation and anxiousness.

 Sleep, though very underrated, is one of the best mechanisms of the body to fight against some of the biggest challenges. Therefore, hit the pillow and get your seven hours of sleep every night! 

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