Chocolate Cravings and Pregnancy Guilt

By Refadoc, Posted on : Monday, 09 March 2015 - 11:37 am IST

Pregnant women often crave chocolate as it is their only time in their life when they can eat the calorie rich chocolates without feeling guilty about that. Researchers have been able to find out that there is nothing biological about women craving chocolate during their pregnancy. Women crave for chocolates as they know that it will be socially acceptable time for them to indulge in the forbidden food.

Researchers at the New York State are working on to explain the cravings and the science behind it. A paper which has been published on the same topic has been a story towards scrutiny for a long time.

The normal idea that women eat chocolate as they are craving for nutrients has been dismissed entirely by scientists all over the world. If this was true, then women would be choosing other means such as milk and lean meat to overcome the nutrients.

In the paper published, conflicting attitudes towards foods such as chocolates have been known to be appealing as well as forbidden at the same time. Feelings towards chocolates and similar foods are known to be very common for women who have been exposed to the culture which has been promoting an unrealistic ideal of female beauty and provides easy access to large quantity of caloric dense foods.

Evidence has suggested that efforts in order to avoid foods which have been causing conflicting feelings tend to have a paradoxical effect on increasing the likelihood of craving. This is the result of this vicious cycle of alternating restraint and the overconsumption of binge eating.

A craving is known to affect around 90% of pregnant women all over the world and has been a science to speculation for a lot of years. The chocolate cravings could also be a sign of the elevated levels of certain hormones in the bloodstream. Changes in the brain during pregnancy are known to affect the taste and smell, which prompts women to want certain foods during the course of their pregnancy.




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Anna Nismiya

  • August 31, 2015, 3:54 pm

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