Disturbingly True Facts About Sugar

By Refadoc, Posted on : Saturday, 13 December 2014 - 1:36 am IST

Sugar is sweet and tempting and if you’ve got a sweet tooth, then it can be pretty hard to be resisted. However, before you pour that another spoon into your cup of tea, here are some disturbing eye openers about Sugar:

  • Liquid Sugar is just as bad: If you have been cutting down on your dessert, it is no solace. Beverages such as sodas, energy drinks as well as sports drinks contain liquid sugar. People all over the world consume 36% of this liquid sugar. Your bottle of energy drink contains as much as sugar as your bowl of ice cream.
  • Sodas are a complete No: It is about time to quit that soda which you have been addicted on for so long. Drinking a can of soda can increase your chances of dying by heart disease by almost one third! Drinking sugary beverages such as soda one or two times a day can increase your chance of developing Type 2 Diabetes by almost 26%
  • Makes your liver suffer: Fructose, which is a very popular sugar derivative, can harm your liver just like alcohol does. Fructose is manipulated during the processing or going through the refining process. It loses its fiber and nutrient contents, which is quite taxing for your liver. Fructose consumption has been directly linked to non alcoholic fatty liver disease and steatohepatitis.
  • Develops Metabolic Syndrome: Metabolic Syndrome is a term which is used for chronic issues such as heart disease, diabetes and liver disease. High blood sugar content in your diet affects your pancreas and liver, leading to mismanaged blood sugar regulation. Excess sugar content in your diet can lead to the apple body shape, also known as sugar belly.
  • Women consume thrice the amount of sugar: The essential recommended sugar intake for women is 25 grams per day. However, World Health Organization has proved that women all over the world on an average consume around 82 grams of sugar per day.
  • Sugar Causes Major Cravings: Eating sugar can only increase your longing for it. Sugar is known to affect your brain in the same way such as cocaine and alcohol. It is more like a cycle which ends up in becoming an endless loop of cravings.
  • Too much sugar, too many diseases: New research studies have concluded that there is a direct link between added sugar consumption and development of various diseases related to the metabolic syndrome. Overconsumption of sugar is known to increase your chances of developing certain cancers and lowering the rates of survivals. There is also an association between the amount of sugar consumed and skin ageing.


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