Getting Rid of Split Ends, Naturally

By Refadoc, Posted on : Thursday, 04 September 2014 - 12:43 pm IST

Split Ends:

Women all over the world are known to suffer from split ends. When hair ends are exposed to the harmful chemicals, they can end up being dry and limp. However, you need not to go in for some parlour made and expensive ways in order to repair your split ends. You can easily get it done with some of the basic homemade ways. Take a look:

  • Deep Conditioning: Shampoos are known to dry out the hair. Therefore, conditioning is a very important ritual that needs to be followed. Providing your hair with a deep conditioning can help provide your hair with a protective layer which can make your hair look like manageable and smooth. Therefore, make sure that every time you shampoo your hair, it is followed by conditioning.
  • Air Drying: Blow drying your hair can expose the delicate hair to dry air which can easily lead to split ends. Therefore, make sure that every time you wash your hair, you follow it with air drying and not blow drying.
  • Choosing Olive Oil: Olive oil works wonders on hair. If you provide your hair with an olive oil massage, it stimulates your scalp and boosts the production of natural hair oils. Olive oil is known to nourish the hair shaft as well. Therefore, replace your coconut or almond oil with olive oil.
  • No Combing of Wet Hair: The hair structure tends to be very different when the hair is wet. Therefore, make sure that you comb your hair only when they are dry.
  • Say No to Chemicals: The hair tends to become brittle when exposed to a multitude of chemicals. These chemicals could be found in the hair dyes, colours or even the straightening products. Making your hair exposed to these chemicals can lead to damages in the structure of the hair and making them breakable.
  • Hair Thickeners: Hair thickeners are found in certain shampoos and conditioners. They contain waxes which are known to stick to your hair and therefore, tend to increase he diameter of the hair, making them strong.
  • Trimming: In case your hair damage is far beyond repair, then the last resort which you can stick to is to go in for the trimming. This reduces the split ends and also repairs your hair.
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