Life Changing Dating Tips

By Refadoc, Posted on : Thursday, 22 January 2015 - 5:08 am IST

This one is for the ladies! Have you been waiting to jump back into the game and want to know the rules by which the world is playing by? Take a look at some of our best dating tips which are going to transform your love life for good:

  • Engage in a real conversation: Rise above the normal chatter and move to substantial conversation which can get you somewhere. If dating is done right, it can be amazing and can lead to a successful relationship in return. So, make sure that on your first date you talk and get to know each other well in order to move to a second one.
  • Get your friends to set you up: No one can love you like your best friend does. Therefore, allow them to set you up on a blind date once in awhile. It is always better to meet someone with a sense of familiarity and comfort that comes along with it. So, let your friends be the matchmakers and let them lay down some of the basic ground rules for you.
  • Date your friends: Yes! The term ‘friend zone’ should be completely ditched. Your friends can become your best dates. Consider the scenario: you are already friends with that person and you share a set of values. They know your background and your family and are ultra comfortable with you. Friendship is the keystone to any successful relationship.
  • First Impressions: First Impressions often tend to become the last impressions as well. Therefore, streamline your focus in order to make the first few moments count. On an average, it only takes 12 minutes for a person to know if they are interested in you or not. Make a good impression. Make eye contact, smile often and focus on what the other person is saying.
  • Don’t play it cool: Guys love the chase, is a very common misconception. One study has suggested that men are more attracted towards women who are more responsive as compared to the ones who play it cool. Be kind and warm on your first date. It is not necessary to laugh at all of his jokes, but make sure that you respond time to time in an appropriate way.
  • No over sharing: Remember, this is your first date. Though we often tend to say more than we meant to, don’t spill too many details on the first date. Avoid making any kind of comparisons to your old flames and steer clear of all the awkward comments on your very first date.
  • Not into him? Move on: Yes, dating someone who is not your kind is a sheer waste of time. Try being realistic with yourself and know the signs if you are not too into him. Being single is always better than being in a crappy relationship.
  • Didn’t succeed? Try Again: I am sure you must have read about the woman who went on a 100 dates in the summer to know more about herself! Though we are not recommending you to go on a dating marathon, we sure are recommending you to give it a second chance if it did not work out well in the first attempt. 
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