Quick Tips to Quit Snoring

By Refadoc, Posted on : Saturday, 24 January 2015 - 1:38 am IST

As children we were scared of the monsters hiding under the bed. As adults, we fear the monster of a partner who snores. Dealing with a snoring partner can be cumbersome and can cause you to lose much of your nightly sleep. It has also been proven that couples in a snoring relationship are known to have a lower marital satisfaction score.

Therefore, here are some of the simplest ways to treat snoring with homemade remedies:

  • Adjust Your Position: Most people tend to sleep on their backs as compared to their sides. However, many doctors have suggested that when people sleep on their sides, their chances of snoring are almost halved. So, roll up and change your sleeping position.
  • Play around with the pillows: Playing around with the pillow helps you to prevent snoring. Try resting a body pillow in between your legs as it helps to align your spine without causing any problem. Or, you can also wedge in a C shaped pregnancy pillow behind your back for more comfort.
  • No to alcohol: Alcohol before bed is a complete no no. Drinking relaxes the muscles in your throat which increases your chances of snoring. Since you are more sedated once you sleep, your snoring is less likely to stir you awake and can leave your partner to suffer longer.
  • Open Your Nose: In some cases, the flapping muscles in the throat are not the problem causing snoring. The problem lies with the clogged or the narrow nasal passages. If your nasal passage is clogged, use a saltwater spray in order to fix it. This spray is not only going to keep your nostrils clear, but is also going to allow in maintaining the moisture in your nose, warding away the dryness and the irritation.
  • Be a Mouth Breather: People who snore while sleeping are known to puff their cheeks and exhale against a closed mouth. This can lead to snoring. If you try breathing through your mouth for most of the time, it can really help you with the snoring. 
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