Seven Questions to Ask Before Having a Baby

By Refadoc, Posted on : Friday, 27 February 2015 - 2:19 pm IST

Seven Questions to Ask Before Having a Baby

Though babies might appeal to you generally, having one in the house could be a lot of hard work. That tiny person would belong to you forever and will be bring along a lot of changes in your life along with tons of responsibilities. So, when do you know that you are ready?

Before you decide to be a parent, here are seven questions that you should be asking each other to know if you are on the same page.

  • What are we going to do with the baby other than talk about its cuteness: Babies are awesome, there is no doubt in that, but they need a lot of planning? You need to talk about what you are going to do with your child, what hobbies can you drop down, how much spare time do you have and who is going to take care of the chores. It has been proved that couples who plan in advance are known to do a lot better when the baby comes along.
  • Know what kind of parents you are going to be: Do you love to be the strict kind of parents who want to push the kid to be successful or are you going to more of a laid back kind of parent. Talk about the roles which you are going to play and reach at an agreement.
  • How will our fight end? Are you the kind of couple who argues behind slammed doors or are you the one which do a lot of yelling. Though there are going to be arguments still when you have a kid, you would need to be pretty low key arguers.
  • Do we laugh a lot? This is a good thing. Sometimes when you’ve just changed a diaper and its 3 am, laughing can be the only thing which is going to get you through it.
  • How do we fare financially? Everyone differs on the number of kids that they are planning to have, but it is very important to look down on your finances together before you take a plunge. Raising a baby is going to need a lot of money and you should both agree on the financial matters beforehand.
  • Do we both want this baby? Having a baby is not the kind of thing where only one member of the team feels excited and the other just gets along with the decision. If you are planning to have a baby together, it has to be an all in on parenting. It is better to wait until both of you are on board.
  • Are we okay with the changes? Sadly, yet truly, once the baby comes along, your sex life is going to take a seat back. You need to make sure if both of you are aware and comfortable with this beforehand. However, the cuddles and the smell of the newborns is going to be worth it. 
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