Skin Moles and Aging

By Refadoc, Posted on : Wednesday, 31 December 2015 - 4:47 am IST


Did you know that being well spotted could actually work in your favor? It has been found that moles are linked with a delayed aging process.

A recent scientific research has proved that people with a higher number of moles (around 100 or more) are more likely to have a slow aging skin as compared to their counterparts. It has also been found that people spotting moles are blessed with tougher bones. People with more than 100 moles on their bodies are 50% less likely to develop bone related conditions such as Osteoporosis as compared to people who spot a fewer number of moles.

The reason behind this occurrence is that people who have larger number of moles have longer telomeres – the bundles of DNA which are found at the end of the chromosomes in all the cells. These telomeres are a good biological sign and indicator of our present rate of aging.

People having larger number of moles on their skin suffer from a high risk of developing Melanoma, but on the other hand, they also suffer from a delayed aging process and stronger bones.


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