Tips to Get Naturally Fair Skin

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Everyone desires to have fair, smooth and dewy complexion. But, dust, dirt and pollution make skin dull and lifeless. The scorching summer sun also tans skin and makes one look darker. But, there are a number of ways to have fair skin without spending a lot on creams and serums. A proper beauty regimen coupled with a healthy lifestyle, can help you to have great skin. Here we give you some great tips to get naturally fair skin as recommended by some of the top dermatologist.


Invest in a Good Sunscreen

There are a lot of people who avoid wearing sunscreen as they think that it will make their skin oily. But, the fact is that a sunscreen is an essential beauty product that helps to prevent tanning and aging. Apply a broad spectrum sunscreen with SPF 25 or above every day, even if you stay indoors. A sunscreen blocks the harmful UVA and UVB rays which causes skin darkening and premature aging of skin.


Drink Green Tea

Green tea contains antioxidants that fights free radicals and keeps your skin smooth and wrinkle-free. Regular intake of green tea will prevent skin darkening and keep you healthy as well.



Cut a lemon in half and apply its juice all over your face and arms. Lemon juice has skin lightening properties that help to get rid of skin darkening as well as problems such as dark spots, brown spots and freckles. Just make sure that you don’t step out in the sun after applying lemon juice to your skin.


Radish Juice

Clean and grate a radish and then extract its juice. Soak a cotton ball in the radish juice and apply it all over your face and neck. Radish contains certain enzymes that help to fade away dark spots and freckles. Regular application of radish juice will give you fair and smooth skin.


Gram Flour and Yogurt

Make a paste with two tablespoon of gram flour and a tablespoon of fresh yogurt until you have a thick mixture. Apply this paste all over your face and neck and let it dry completely. Wash off with cold water. You will immediately notice that your skin looks lighter and more radiant.


Orange Peel

Make a mixture of orange peel powder with a bit of milk until you have a thick paste. Apply this on your face and neck and let it dry completely. Once the pack is dry, wash off with cold water. This face pack is well-suited for people who have oily and pimple-prone skin.


Exfoliate Skin Regularly

When dead skin cells accumulate over the skin, it clogs the pores and makes one look darker than one actually is. The best way to get rid of dead skin cells is to do regular exfoliation. You can use a natural scrub such as sugar and olive oil or powdered lentils mixed with a little water. These natural scrubs not only helps to get rid of dead skin cells, but it also removes excess oil from skin giving it a soft and dewy appearance.


Tomato and Turmeric

Many a times, excess oil makes our skin appear dark and lacklustre. To get fair and radiant skin and get rid of excess oil, apply a mask made with two tablespoons of fresh tomato juice with just a pinch of turmeric. Tomato contains enzymes that remove excess oil from skin and turmeric gives a great glow. You will immediately notice a marked difference in your complexion.


Almond and Coconut Oil

Mix equal quantities of almond oil and coconut oil. Apply this oil mixture on your face and wash off after 10-15 minutes. This will not only lighten your skin tone but it will also nourish and hydrate your skin.


Potato Juice

An excellent remedy for skin tanning is using raw potato juice. Grate a potato and apply it over your face and neck. Wash off with cold water after 20-25 minutes. Potato has great skin lightening properties that will remove sun tan as well as fade away blemishes and spots.


Papaya Face Mask

Take a raw papaya and cut it into half. Mash the papaya and add a tablespoon of honey to it. Apply this mask over your face and neck and let it dry completely. Wash with cold water. Papaya contains an enzyme called papain that helps to make skin fairer and lighter. This mask should be used one a week for best results.


Onion and Apple Cider Vinegar

Grate an onion and extract its juice. Add a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to this mixture. Soak a cotton ball in this mixture and apply over your face and neck. Wash off with water after half an hour. This mask will help to brighten your complexion considerably.


Aloe Vera

For severe sun tanning, apply fresh aloe vera. It will not only remove tanning but will also soothe and moisturize skin.


Sugarcane Extract

Sugarcane contains alpha hydroxyl acid that aids in dissolving dead skin cells. Apply fresh sugarcane juice on your face and wash off after half an hour.


Saffron and Milk

Apply a face mask made with raw milk with just a few strands of saffron. Milk contains lactic acid that removes dirt and grime from skin and also makes skin lighter.

These were some tips for having fairer and smoother skin. A good beauty regimen and a healthy diet are the key to having glowing and radiant complexion.

Apart from these natural remedies, there are also many treatments available to have a fairer skin. Here are some of the best dermatologist in your city, whom you can consult to know about these treatments in detail.

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