Ways to Boost Your Chances of Getting Pregnant

By Refadoc, Posted on : Monday, 22 September 2014 - 5:12 pm IST


Often majority of women tend to become pregnant effortlessly, however, there are others for whom this process takes some time. The reason for this delay in getting pregnant is still a mystery to the doctors all over the world. Factors such as heredity and regulation of the cycles could be one of the major reasons for this delay. However, we present to you some simple ways through which you can boost your chances of getting pregnant simply.

  • Decreasing your Soda Consumption: It has been found that women who drink about two or three servings of soda have about 16% lesser chances of getting pregnant as compared to their counterparts.
  • Early to Bed: Research studies have also shown that women are able to show a healthy rate of pregnancy when they have their regular seven to eight hours of sleep every night.
  • Maintaining Your Dental Health: Dental and gum diseases are known to add around two months or more to your regular cycle for getting pregnant. Maintain your dental health and make sure that you see your dentist after every six months.
  • Slimming down on the exercise regimen: Women who are known to indulge in strenuous exercise are known to have a 42% low chance of getting pregnant as compared to their counterparts who keep their exercises within control. Though exercise is known to boost your chances of getting pregnant, make sure that you keep a tab on the amount of time which you are spending in your gym.
  • Quitting the laziness: You need to keep an active check on your partner and have to ensure that he does not turn into a couch potato. Research studies have suggested that men who watch more than 20 hours of TV per week are known to have 44% low sperm count as compared to their counterparts. So, get him up and get him moving.
  • Getting a hold on your anxiety: Doctors have specified that women who have a higher stress level are known to stop ovulating and that could prove one of the major reasons why you are having problems getting pregnant.
  • Shedding the Extra Pounds: Men who are overweight or are dealing with obesity are known to have a low sperm count as compared to men who are physically fit. Not only the sperm count is low, but the sperm concentration tends to decrease as well as suggested by studies.
  • Burning out the cigarettes: Quitting smoking is the first thing which you ought to do. Smoking is known to decrease the sperm quality as well as quantity! Apart from being harmful for your lungs, smoking is known to decrease your chances of conceiving substantially.

Getting pregnant is going to require some effort of you and you should be following the above mentioned techniques in order to boost your chances of conceiving. 

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