Why You Need a Cervical Length Scan

By Refadoc, Posted on : Monday, 09 March 2015 - 11:53 am IST

Why You Need a Cervical Length Scan

Cervical Length scans are recommended in case you have been suffering from a late miscarriage in the second trimester of your pregnancy or have had a history of premature birth in the past. The scan is recommended in case you are expecting twins or have had any surgery in order to fix your cervix in the past.

The cervix is the neck of the womb and should remain closed throughout the pregnancy until just before the birth of the child. In case the cervix has been opened before time, there is a danger of miscarriage. The cervix contains a plug of mucus which prevents the baby from any kind of infection before the birth.

A cervical length scan is done in order to measure the length of the cervix and to look for any signs of the cervix being open before the time that the baby is due. During the test, when the length of the cervix has been measured, a cervical stitch can be put in. A vaginal scan is also one of the best ways to measure the cervix as it can be seen more clearly this way.

A cervical stitch procedure can be done in the hospital and often the mother to be is put under general anesthetic before the start of the procedure. The cervical stitch is often removed a few weeks before the beginning of the due date. During the course of pregnancy, it is recommended to go in for a cervical length exam depending on the way how your previous pregnancies have fared.

The scan is normally necessary within 16, 20 and 24 weeks of the pregnancy. If your cervix appears to be long and closed during the course of all the scans, more scans won’t be required. Sometimes, the scans are done every two weeks during the course of the second trimester. During this time, the vaginal swaps also can be taken in order to look for signs of infections.

In case there is a risk of your cervix being weak, it is recommended to go in for regular scans. This is due to the reason that the cervix could open without any signs of bleeding or pain. 

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