What are the symptoms of a Chemical Pregnancy?

Created On : March 18, 2015

Chemical Pregnancies are caused due to the abnormal chromosomes within the developing embryo. There could be many reasons behind the formation of the abnormal chromosomes such as poor quality of the sperm or the egg, genetic abnormalities which have been passed by either the mother or the father or an abnormal cell division of the fetus.

Scientists are of an idea that half of all the chemical pregnancies are caused due to the chromosomal abnormalities.

In most of the cases, women do not observe any major signs or symptoms in case of a Chemical Pregnancy. Most of the women might even never found out that they were pregnant in the first case. However, some women have experienced light or mild abdominal cramping or a mild spotting in the weeks when their periods have been due. Other has been able to experience fatigue and nausea. Blood tests have been able to reveal lower levels of hCG in the bloodstream. Menstrual cycles are often typically on time or a week or so late in case of chemical pregnancy. Some women have also experienced heavier than normal periods.

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