Is it safe to consume honey while pregnant or breastfeeding?

Created On : May 6, 2015

Is it safe to consume honey while I am pregnant? I am six months pregnant and someone has told me that eating honey can be harmful for my baby. Can anyone advise please?

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Neeti Kapoor

  • May 6, 2015

Hello. Yes, it is quite safe to eat honey while you are pregnant. Honey is not recommended for babies below the age of one year because it may contain the spores of bacteria known to cause Botulism. In case of babies, the digestive system is not strong enough to destroy the bacterial spores and therefore it is not recommended for infants.


However, it is recommended to check out if the honey is pasteurized before you consume it because it can carry disease causing organisms. Most of the honey available in the market is pasteurized, so you would be good to go.  

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