Dr. Abhipsa Mishra

Dr. Abhipsa Mishra is a Gynecologist in Bhoi Nagar, Bhubaneswar
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Dr. Abhipsa Mishra is a Gynecologist (MBBS, MS, FIMS ) in Bhoi Nagar, Bhubaneswar and has 6 user reviews.



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Womens Specialist Doctors

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5 Years


Ayush Hospitals & Trauma Care, Plot No -13/14, Achayra Vihar Square, Bhoi Nagar, Bhubaneswar.

Phone No.: 01166765153 (Dial Extension 438) .

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She is very good. I am very satisfied with her treatment. Her diagnosis and medication is also accurate. I would definitely recommend her.

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As I know she is the best, active,experienced and helpful natured gynic doctor in Bhubaneswar..

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I had very good experience with her during my first pregnancy. She is very caring and guides you properly. She clears all your doubts patiently. Very soft spoken and knowledgeable too.

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Dr is very experienced yet down to earth unlike other arrogant doctors. I am very happy with her treatment

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I found her very genuine and good. She helped me patiently with all my queries.

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Very polite and knowledgeable doctor. Highly recommended