Dr. Ann Simi John

Dr. Ann Simi John is a Psychologist in Sushant Lok 1, Gurgaon
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Dr. Ann Simi John is a Psychologist (M.Sc In Clinical Psychology & Counselling, M.Phil in Clinical Psychology ) in Sushant Lok 1, Gurgaon and has 2 user reviews.



  • M.Sc In Clinical Psychology & Counselling, M.Phil in Clinical Psychology
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Max hospital, B block, sushant lok, phase 1, Gurgaon
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Mon - Sat 8:00 am - 12:00 pm, Tue, Thu, Sat 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Phone No.: 01246623000.

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Dr. Ann is a fantastic psychologist who takes care of her patients from the word 'Go'. She is unlike the other psychologists who may unnecessarily put you on medications. She really takes care of her patients and ensures full recovery. 
I had a bad experience with another counselor earlier in life and was skeptical of seeing another psychologist. However, Dr.Ann has driven away any myths that I may have had about seeing a psychologist. Her therapy or session doesn't stop in the room, but she will continue to guide outside as well. She has a heart of gold and is generous, compassionate.
A good psychologist builds trust with the patient and confidently assures that the patient will be able to fully recover from the trauma and that's Dr.Ann. Her commitment with each patient to help them heal 100% is commendable. Brilliant Psychologist. I strongly recommend her for anybody who is looking for help.

around 3 years back, I sent my husband to DR Simi in order to have better marriage life as he was abusive and used to doubt on my character. however rather than getting a relief sending him for treatemnt and trusting these Physologist; my own life rather went into further hell when dr. based on his stories during the session; started confirming that I am a borderline patient. Initially I though he likes the doctor and so wish me to meet her, later on the pressure on me started building up and every action of mine started getting linked with Borderline syndrome. Life was already hell due to dealing with continuous doubt on my character, it became more hell when now I had to deal with one more accusation that I have a non curable mental disorder and I am the one causing disharmony in our relation.  Afetr much retaliations; I happen to summon myself and got a skyup session done with the doctor about a year ago.  After the session when my husband went to pay her fee  she confirmed that I am indeed a borderline patient and a threat to his whole life. He should leave me as my decease is non curable. the only treatment of borderline patient is (DBT-dylectrual behavior therapy) which no one practice in India, so either he has to take me outside india or he has to leave me or he has to live miserable unpleasant life with me, as with time my degree will increase.

I had no idea what was going on inside the hospital when my husband used to get sessions from her, however with each of his visit my life started becoming more and more hell. he used to push me and align all my actions with BPD(borderline syndrome), and as I kept retaliating this Dr. Ann Simi John started telling him that 85% of BPD patients never accept that they are BPD patient and hence never get treated their whole life.

Life went to such an extent that I consulted 3 different doctors to get me checked and each gave me clean chit but my husband didn't believe any of them, considering dr. Ann Simi's much hyped publicity and credentials. When I finally pleaded this lady for a treatment and verification she denied saying she is still doing her thesis/study and is not eligible to take my sessions- This statement again proved me that as per her I am borderline and nt a normal person.

Even today I wonder on the basis of one 3 hours long skyup session;  how can a doctor confirms that a person is of extreme non curable disorder and can destroy their life for ever. today i don't know how to hold my life in my hand. Previously I was dealing with allegations on my character, getting beaten up and now I am dealing with allegations on my mental state as well. fighting to save my life. how a wrong doctor can ruin you further than repairing you. God bless this over confident lady and her PHD for which she ruined my life.