Dr. Archana Kher

Dr. Archana Kher is a Pediatrician in Kharadi, Pune
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Dr. Archana Kher is a Pediatrician (MBBS, MD( Pediatrics) ) in Kharadi, Pune and has 1 user reviews.



  • MBBS, MD( Pediatrics)
Total Experience

20 Years


Columbia Asia Hospital, 22/2 A, Kharadi Bypass Road, Kharadi, Pune
Consulting Timing :

Mon - Sat 10:00 am - 7:00 pm

Phone No.: 02071290222.

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Never ever visit Dr. Archana Kher .she should not be called a doctor at all . My one month baby was not well so I took her to Columbia Asia Pune. As all appointments were booked an she was the only paediatrician available (it being a public holiday 15th Sep 2016 Ganesh Chaturdashi ), I asked the nurses if I can consult her in walkin .They first said no and later on after consulting with the doctor told me to do payment and the fact that I will have to wait because it was a walkin .I did the same and waited for my appointment.

But the moment we entered we got to know there was something wrong .She was rude right from the word go. They way she was asking questions and replying to our questions was utterly disgusting . Let me mention it one by one .

1. Dr. What's the problem 
We. She has stomach pain.
Dr. How do you know?( wtf we are not doctors .we will say what we believe .Instead of saying I will chk she was adamant on the fact that how do we know the baby had pain)

2. Dr. Does she have fever?
We. She DIDNOT have in the morning But now I think she is feverish
Dr. Did u check?
We. We felt so just sometime back(after leaving for hospital )
Dr. U can feel so hundred times .Does not mean she has fever .
We. Ok.got it. In that case can u check here once.
Dr. Shouting ,that's not my job .Nurse will check( Dude, what did we say wrong. If in the hospital it's the nurse who checks fever then she should have given a call to the nurse or could Have checked herself. She is a doctor of course .She did not do either)

3. Does she drink breastmil?
We. No she doesn't latch on and that's why the milk production has reduced.
Dr. Do u even feed whatever little amount is produced.
We. No. Because she just doesnot take it.
Dr. She should be fed breastmilk as much as possible .
We. Agreed.

4. at the end she cursed us saying neither you nor your baby can get well if u ask so many questions.

5. She said it's the baby nature to be cranky and nothing can be done for it.

6. She even said " Ek to walkin me aaye ho and 10 min se zyaada le liya" as if she did not charge in walkin.

Shame on such doctors.