Dr. Ashok Modi

Dr. Ashok Modi is a Pediatrician in Rawdon Street, Kolkata
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Dr. Ashok Modi is a Pediatrician in Rawdon Street, Kolkata and has 1 user reviews.



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Child Specialist

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Bhagirathi Neotia Woman & Child Care Centre, 2, Rawdon Street, Kolkata, West Bengal - 700017

Phone No.: 03340405000, 03340405001.

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Writing this review with a heavy heart as a mother of five month old baby highly disappointed by the attitude of Dr Modi..my child was really unwell today and I called up Dr Modi in panic..he was rude and didn't even listen to my woes despite my pleading of sparing a minute to listen..he asked me to call up after four hours..i mean what kind of child specialist would do that..by God's grace my baby was fine till his given time but what if there was some emergency..does emergency strikes at a fixed time only and aren't medical professionals supposed to handle such situations first and foremost. Really shocking and highly disappointed.