Dr. Bharathi Mohan

Dr. Bharathi Mohan is a ENT, Otolaryngologist in Arunachalam Road, Chennai
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Dr. Bharathi Mohan is a ENT, Otolaryngologist (MBBS, MS, DLO ) in Arunachalam Road, Chennai and has 1 user reviews.


ENT, Otolaryngologist

Speciality Alias

Ear Nose Throat (ent) Specialist



Sooriya Hospital, Saligramam, No.1, Arunachalam Road, Chennai, Tamil Nadu - 600093

Phone No.: 04423761752, 04423761751.

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This Doctor did stapedectomy procedure to me in 2014 and I got Facial paralysis (Bells Palsy) and the hearing has gone worse than before. I undergone this surgery since it was informed to me that hearing will be good after the surgery but it went worse and I got Bells Palsy. I had already undergone this same procedure on the other Ear with a different Dr and it was very good and the hearing improved a lot after the surgery and am managing my day to day activities now using the other Ear which I undergone this procedure earlier. The procedure which was done now did not give any good result but gave worst results like Facial Paralysis and my hearing went bad than before. When I went to this Dr after the surgery after realizing the Facial Paralysis, I came to know that this happened with one other patient of his for the same surgery that he rendered in the past and that was the only once he did this surgery (stapedectomy), if this was informed to me before the surgery then I would not have undergone this surgery. By god’s grace, I have recovered from facial paralysis (Bells Palsy) in a few months but the ear that was operated has become almost deaf so I am not able to hear anything thru that ear and am managing thru my other ear. I think this surgery should be rendered only by a well experienced Dr (like the one I did the surgery few years before) and not with someone who is not familiar. I kindly request all Dr’s that you do not do this procedure to anyone if you are not familiar and if you are not confident on the result and also communicate about the pros and cons of the procedure and your past experiences with your old patients before you render the surgery and do not hide anything.