Dr. Bina Vasan

Dr. Bina Vasan is a Gynecologist in Rajaji Nagar, Bangalore
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Dr. Bina Vasan is a Gynecologist (MS ) in Rajaji Nagar, Bangalore and has 2 user reviews.



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  • MS
Total Experience

25 Years


Manipal Ankur #55, 20th Main, 1st Block Rajajinagar, Bangalore

Phone No.: +918049043333.

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Negative Feedback for manipal ankur and Dr. Bina Vasan and Dr. Vasan

Manipal Ankur Hospital Dr. Bina and her husband Vasan are rude and money minded. Fertility (money making center and worst doctors (robbers). They are not service oriented just to make money for their fancy life. But they are responsible in-front of God for their trial. Bina be honest and make money. Dr. Bina Vasan, has not enough medical practices. But good in money making and her team is coordinating her to robbing the money from the patients and market their products and services. I strongly suggest not to go to Manipal Ankur Hospital.  Dr.Bina is not good for the IVF process. I strongly suggest not go to for the IVF treatment.  

They have internet marketing team to write and post fake positive feedbacks and reviews about their services to deceive visitors. Most of the positive feedbacks are posted by fake users. If you do verification you will come to know the truth.  

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Good gynac