Dr. Bindu Marar

Dr. Bindu Marar is a Gynecologist in Pandey Layout, Nagpur
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Dr. Bindu Marar is a Gynecologist (MBBS, DGO ) in Pandey Layout, Nagpur and has 1 user reviews.



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Orange City Hospital & Research Institute, 19 Veer Sawarkar Square, Pandey Layout, Nagpur
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Mon - Sat 11:00 am - 2:00 pm

Phone No.: 07122238431.

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Never go to her. Trust me. SHE IS THE DEVIL IN SHEEP'S CLOTHING.

She made my wife feel so uncomfortable during the final hours of labour and literally scared her to death. Till you get admitted at the hospital, she acts all sweet and innocent but once you're admitted, she will do all that she can to get a C-section done...that is her ONLY motive (not even the safety of the unborn child-she torture's u mentally till u sign the declaration).

If I could, I would put her in jail for what she did to my wife. For the sake of your wife & unborn child....pls don't go to her.