Dr. Charu Goel Sachdeva

Dr. Charu Goel Sachdeva is a General Physician in Dwarka, Delhi
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Dr. Charu Goel Sachdeva is a General Physician (MBBS, MD ) in Dwarka, Delhi and has 3 user reviews.


General Physician

Other Speciality


  • MBBS, MD
Total Experience

15 Years


Rockland Hospital, Sector-12, HAF-B, Phase-1, Dwarka, New Delhi, Delhi

Phone No.: +918130390323.

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Worst doctor we have ever met, only knows how to make money. Prescribe unnecessary medicines and take commission from all medical shops. All shops in dwarka knows her and her commission is fixed.

She don't even know how to talk to patients.

She had left Rockland Hosp.

Presently where she is?? Anyone pls tell me. :-(

My contact no is 08826361155 and e-mail ID is warsimtazim@gmail.com

Verified User

She is a very nice doctor and talks very politely. Dr Charu is good at diagnosis, prescribes good medicines, and suggests required medical tests only. Affordable, non commercial doctor.