Dr. Chitralekha Dambekodi

Dr. Chitralekha Dambekodi is a Gynecologist in Sahakara Nagar, Bangalore
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Dr. Chitralekha Dambekodi is a Gynecologist (MBBS, DGO (Bombay), MRCOG, FRCOG (UK) ) in Sahakara Nagar, Bangalore and has 4 user reviews.



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Womens Specialist Doctors

  • MBBS, DGO (Bombay), MRCOG, FRCOG (UK)


Cloudnine, No.47, 17th cross 11th Main, Malleshwaram, Bangalore, Karnataka - 560017

Emergency No.


Phone No.: 08067999999.


Cauvery Medical Center, #43/2, Bellary road, NH.7, Sahakara Nagar, Bangalore, Karnataka - 560092

Phone No.: 08043420100.

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Guest Review

Dr. Chitralekha Dambekodi is one of the finest Obstetrician and Gynec i have ever met. She is very detailed oriented and give good amount of time to listen to the patient. Difficult to find such doctor in Bangalore. She look at all aspects of the patient (specially we much required for pregnant women) and then suggest the medicines. This gives women not only the medical support but emotional support as well. She gave her mobile number to consult her in case of any emergency. This is very rare in Bangalore where you don't get any contact of doctor and hospitals charge hefty amount for emergency consultation.

Moreover, we had a bad experience with one of the doctor (very famous on internet) in CA, Hebbal who practically failed to deliver the quality consultation. Then, after such bad experience we were advised to meet Dr. Chitralekha D. After 1-2 consultations we started getting the sense that we are in the safe hands. Indeed, she proved it with safe and smooth baby delivery. I strongly recommend her.

Dr. Chitralekha is a good doctor no doubt but extremely money minded, she kept pushing us to opt for a single room instead of shared. She lacks the patience and curtsey a doctor should have. Her 90% of delivery is through inducing pain. I had a terrible experience during my delivery that I dread to have a second kid. She was hopelessly uncooperative during the delivery that she went and stood in a corner chatting with the pediatrician when I was not able to push after giving me 100% epidural where I could not feel a thing to push at the right time. She let her inexperienced junior doctor to stich up the wound and it did not heel even after 2 months. I have had a very dreadful experience and would highly discourage people going to her.

Verified User

As a doctor myself i can say, Dr Chitralekha dambekodi lacks expertise and compels patients to join lamaze classes during consultations but during actual labour, does not give you the time to actually practice it.. she induces most deliveries and instructs her assistants to use synthetic oxytocin to unnecessarily progress a regular normal labour to save her time. This can make labour more intense, and although its because of the synthetic oxytocin, most women end up thinking that normal labour is that bad.. Also she arrives at the last moment.. Plus instead of encouraging the patient, she threatens to take them to the OT ( she lost patience in 15 minutes for a first time labour- which is known to last for even 24 hours)
She could not even diagnose a subconjunctival haemorrhage that is seen normally in the eye often after normal delivery. 

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I am suffering from heavy bleeding from past 2 YRS and consulted Dr.Chitralekha for the same.I had all the latest reports but still i was asked to undergo pelvic scan once again.Some error was done by the radiologist in the scan report and i was asked to undergo MRI scan after this scan was done the error in the pelvic scan report was deducted. Again i was asked to undergo HB,ca 125, Thyroid functions report.Everything was found to be negative.Then finally i was asked to stop the medication i was prescribed by another gyneac plus i was asked to undergo endometrial biopsy under hospital admission.My sister is a gynaec she has told me the report will not change in 3 MONTHS time and the tests that has been suggested by this gynaec is not required.I spend close to 20000 on tests and consultation with no anwer to my problem.I request everyone pls do not consult this dr chitralekha she knows only to make money.