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Dr. Dibakar Ghosh is a Urologist in Salt Lake, Kolkata
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Dr. Dibakar Ghosh is a Urologist (MBBS, MS, FRCS ) in Salt Lake, Kolkata and has 2 user reviews.



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16 Years


RG Stone Urology Centre C/O AMRI, JC-16 & 17, Salt Lake City, Kolkata
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Tue, Thu, Sat As Per Appointment

Phone No.: 03323350038.


Divine Nursing Home, 11/A, Abinash Chandra Banerjee, Lane Beliaghata, Beliaghata, Kolkata
Consulting Timing :

Tue, Thu, Sat 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Phone No.: 03340156789, +919830073825.


Columbia Asian Hospital, Sector-III, IB-193, Salt Lake, Kolkata
Consulting Timing :

Mon - Sat 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Phone No.: 03339898969.

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NEGLIGENCE OF DR DIBAKAR GHOSH, Uro Surgeon (http://www.drdibakarghosh.com/)

My father was detected with a lump in his urinary bladder (asymptomatic)and has undergone a couple of operations technically known as TURBT. It was performed by one of the well known surgeons Dr. Dibakar Ghosh, in Divine Nursing Home, Beleaghata, Kolkata. Right now he is counting his last few days at AMRI hospitals  Salt Lake under Dr. Sushrata Bandyopadhyay. It's been a long story of helplessly watching a healthy person deteriorate rapidly within one and a half months, primarily because of medical negligence. How did it happen?

Dr. Dibakar Ghosh (associated with some of the top hospitals like Columbia Asia, and AMRI)performed TURBT twice within a week's time. The biopsy report indicated high grade invasive bladder cancer. 

 The question is why he had to perform the operation twice within a week?

Because he released my father immediately one day after the operation was done, despite of our repeated request he released him. My father generated blood clot within the bladder and urethra. With severe pain he was readmitted. Dr. Ghosh performed USG to find the previous operation WAS NOT SUCCESSFUL. Hence he performed Redo TURBT. 

My father was having fever, but Dr. Ghosh continued to give him Calpol 650. In consequence, we couldn't understand he was already having  an Urinary Track Infection. He was released and then again had to be readmitted because of UTI. It was a multi drug resistant UTI. Thankfully one of the combinations of antibiotics Pipercelline and Tajobactum was working. The course of such antibiotics is the minimum of seven days, if no other adverse consequence is noted. Dr. Dibakar Ghosh wanted my father to be released in three days. However, after our repeated requests he gave it for four days only. 

In consequence his infection relapsed. Now he is also resistent towards this medicine. Dr. Sushruta Bandyopadhyay, head of critical care unit of AMRI, Salt Lake, had no choice than to deliver Xylstin which affects kidney. Now his kidneys are malfunctioning, the createnine level has shoot up to 5.88, he doesn't have much hope for surviving more than a few months.

Why did it happen?

1. Dr. Dibakar Ghosh could not do the operation successfully.

2. He did not complete the antibiotic course even after our repeated request.

3. Since my father was diabetic, post operation care needed insulin based sugar control, he ignored such requirements.

4. Because of his unsuccessful attempt to remove the lumps entirely, now my father has structural irregularities inside bladder, in consequence he is constantly having residual urin, a hotbed for the infection.

5. Because of the repeated infection, he cannot take major operation of radical cystectomy and he is also not in a position to undergo chemo radiation as told by Dr. Satyadip Mukherjee and Dr. Indraneel Mallik of Tata Medical Centre, kolkata.

How were the patient party misguided?

1. Dr. Dibakar Ghosh did not inform us that he has performed second TURBT not only to remove blood clots but also to re-scrape his bladder wall, resulted from his previously unsuccessful attempts. He should have performed USG before releasing him from the hospital, but neglected such requirements.

2. He refused to give us time when we wanted to discuss about the repeated infection.

3. He asked to undergo radical cystectomy while one can only do it if one is sure about the fact that cancer has not gone beyond the bladder, which requires other tests like CT scan and PET CT Scan. 

4. He did not tell us the treatment options, neither did he discuss about the risk factors of diabetis, invasive cancer and the like.


Dr Dibakar Ghosh, Urologist Divine Hospital/ Columboa Asia Hospital/Apollo Clinic Not at all a good doctor. Killed my father in a simple prostrate gland operation. Will not recommend him to anybody.