Dr. Gautam Khastagir

Dr. Gautam Khastagir  is a Gynecologist in Elgin Road, Kolkata
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Dr. Gautam Khastagir is a Gynecologist (MBBS, MS, MRCOG ) in Elgin Road, Kolkata and has 7 user reviews.



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36b, Near Forum Mall, Elgin Road, Kolkata.
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Mon - Sat 8:00 am - 12:00 pm

Phone No.: 03324862424, +919830445566.

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Very bad experience with birth.2 failed ivf in birth.before each ivf and before submission of ivf fees they give guarantee of success.after failed ivf when we asked few questions they behaved rudely.said that ivf failure was due to poor quality of egg.then why didnot they said in prior two ivf attempt.dr khastagir consulted with us on first day along with 6 other patients.no privacy.after that we never saw him.

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Wonderful expereince ! My surgery and health condition was complicated.  i was aware that only few drs are capable to  handle my case. I visited many and sticked to him . 

 He is the most efficient doctor -  a  good human being. His charges are high - but it is transparent and direct . He does not drag or makes the treatment  lengthy. unless it is required . Alongwith being efficient he has a great charitable mind set too. must appreciate  wish him all the best.  

very good doctor, as per my personal experience i first went to Genome (siliguri) the nearest fertility centre available where doctor has suggested that without IVF i cannot conceive. Then i went to Dr Gautam khastagir, where he clearly told me that everything is perfect and i can conceive naturally, and what genome was going is purely business and not treatment. I am really thankful to Dr khastagir otherwise i almost got trapped in fraud of Genome. This is right he charges a bit high but what i felt that true diagonisis is far better that spending money on fraud doctors.

Very bad experience with birth.dr khastagir himself doesn't handle the patient. You have to pass through many other doctors  and nursesbefore to reach him. Nurses prescribe the medicines .he just do the addition or subtraction of some medicines at the last step.Rs 1500 you have to pay everything just for this last 2 minute time.moreover he doesn't perform the surgery or cesarean even. It is also done by some other doctors on behalf of him. After cessarean he doesn't visit you not for a single time. You have to pay around  Rs50000 as his fees for cessarean but you will not see him anywhere around. 

very bad exprience with Birth. all the dortors are goodf for nothing. they are not able to say any fact perfectly.All  the members of Birth appointed only for collect the money from the people who are worried for their immotion. but all the doctors & other employees are playing with humans immotion including Mr. Khastgir.


The chamber is a pathetic market place. You pay Rs 1500 as visiting charges and there is no provacy. Six patients are being attended to at a time. One pays only to see the face of the doctor. The nurses prescribe medicines and needless to say very expensive medicines. Good place for people with loads of black money. He will leave you bankrupt if you are on limited income. You visit everytime and he puts a hole in your wallet. A complete business center

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Very good and effective doctor.