Dr. Krupa Shankar

Dr. Krupa Shankar is a Dermatologist in Crescent Road, Bangalore
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Dr. Krupa Shankar is a Dermatologist (MD, DVD, FAGE, MISD (USA), FAAD (USA), MEAAC ) in Crescent Road, Bangalore and has 17 user reviews.



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Acne Treatment

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Skin Specialist, Hair Specialist



Mallige Medical Centre, Bangalore31/32, Crescent Road, Bangalore, Karnataka - 560001

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Phone No.: 08067165555, 08022203333.

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Dr.Suma krupa shankar is a very helpful and cooperative person. I meet him regarding my problem and she suggest me the best possible way to overcome from my problem.Thankyou Dr.Suma Krupa Shankar.

I meet him regarding my dandruff problem and he suggest me some test and start my medicines after that, slowly slowly, I cure from my problem and now feeling relaxed and satisfied with the treatment. Now I am taking some precaution'so my problem not arise again. Thanks to Dr.Krupa Shankar and his staff for their cooperation .They always clear my doubts regarding my treatment and there payment mode is also very transparent. The never charge extra amount for anything.

I had a acne problem from a long time, when I take medicines it overcome my acne problem , but after stopping treatment, problem rise again. I was just feed up, Mr.NIkhil  suggest me Dr. Krupa Shankar. I meet  him  and  told him everything. He told me that I have to continue medicines  and he also gave some other medicines, After 4 months my problem gone and still now ,problem not arise. Hope for good.


Thanks to Dr.Krupa Shankar and Mr.Nikhil for referring me.

I have noticed good improvement. Earlier, the acne was far more frequent and more in number and severity. Now, the outbreaks are visible reduced. I wish to continue treatment for some more time so that my problem does not come back again. Dr krupa is very helpful, cordial and extremely friendly. He sets a comfortable atmosphere which enables easy and detailed interaction. Many thanks to Dr krupa for curing me.

In the past 2 years of treatment, I have noticed significant progress with my hair growth, which is something I never thought, would be possible. The same progress was noticed with my skin condition. Thanks to Dr. Krupa  Shankar and his prescribed  medicines  that helped cure my condition. I would definitely recommend Dr. Krupa Shankar ‘s treatment to anyone with any type of hair and skin problem.

Was suffering from the problem of skin from a long time ..visited Dr. Krupa Shankar's clinic 1 months ago..the treatment was really effective and my problem has reduced to a lot of extent..Thanks to Dr.Krupa Shankar.

Last year i went to Dr. Krupa's clinic for my dandruff problem,his treatment really worth and he is nice person and his wife Dr.Suma Krupa shankar also very helpful ,she give some skin and health tips. Thanks to both of them and all the best for future


Hi, my son had skin problem and he always do complaint of itiching ,he was not able to sleep properly and cry lots of time.After changing several doctors nothing worth it,his class teacher suggest me Dr.Krupa shankar,i meet him along with my son. He told us for some test after that he suggest some medicines after almost 1 month his condition cure and he feel better .Thanks top Dr. Krupa shankar.

My daughter was suffering from skin problem,some kind of allergy. My collegue referred me Dr.Krupa shankar,I meet him with my daughter ,he told us for some test and after checking the reports,he prescribed some medicines.Those medicines works and my daughter feeling better now. his consultation fees is high @2000 rs each time but medicine and his treatment works.

Hi, I am Kanishka. I was suffering from scalp problem and because of this my hair fall problem increase ,i read the article of dr.krupa shankar in magazine 'so i take a appointment and meet dr.krupa , his prescribed medicines work ,now i m feeling good and my problem reduce.i strongly recommend dr.krupa, his treatment is expensive but effective also.

I have been suffering from Psoriasis for the past year and a half. I started treatment at Dr krupa’s clinic just about a year ago and the results are there for all to see. Apart from my condition improving physically, the treatment has helped build my self confidence. Previously I used to feel terribly embarrassed, I even tried hiding my skin condition which affected me mentally & physically. I have been very impressed by the treatment and attention given to me at Dr krupa’s clinic and I would like to thank Dr krupa, my treating doctor for his outstanding support.

i was suffering from patches problem ,after changing several doctors, dr.krupa shankar was last and his medicine work and my problem almost gone so thanks Doc!

 I was suffering form hair fall problem so long and tried many treatments. I am just 30 year old and i had a very sever problem of hair fall. I searched best dermatologist in Bangalore and got to know about Dr. Krupa Shankar. He is the best dermatologist here. I consulted him and took medicine prescribed by him. He not only give medicine but also designed a diet chart for me which was very helpful for hair regrowth. I really want to thank Dr Shankar. And recommend him for any type of skin or hail fall problem.

I am 27 yrs old, I had suffering from hairfall problem from a long time and firstly i ignore this because of season ,then i realise that problem arise more and more .


when I started with pre school of my two year old daughter, I really started dreading looking in the mirror after getting ready to drop or pick her up. 


I started my treatment with dr krupa's clinic,for androgenic alopecia, three years since the treatment has made me feel much better,and surely recommendable for people having any hairfall problems.


I brought my son Ankan to Dr.suma Krupa’s clinic for treatment. He is in boarding school and was suffering from severe skin cracking and boils. After treatment for about a year, I could see some definite improvement and renewed hope that he could be completely cured at Dr.suma krupa’s clinic. His skin has now become very healthy and the recurrence of boils has greatly reduced. I want my child’s skin to be perfectly normal and I am sure that will happen at Dr.suma krupa’s Clinic. I would like to thank the doctors and staff at Dr.suma krupa’s clinic who have been most helpful and in particular, Dr.Suma Krupa Shankar.


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Nice doctor

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Nice doctor