Dr. Kunal Dev Sharma

Dr. Kunal Dev Sharma is a Veterinary doctor in Greater Kailash I, Delhi
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Dr. Kunal Dev Sharma is a Veterinary doctor (BVSc & AH ) in Greater Kailash I, Delhi and has 1 user reviews.


Veterinary doctor

  • BVSc & AH
Website www.maxvets.com
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Max Vets Hospital Pvt Ltd, R 55, Near HSBC Bank, Greater Kailash I, Delhi

Phone No.: 01126432499, 01133082739.

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Dr. Kunal is the best veterinarian that I have come across. He takes utmost care of the pet that comes to him for consultation. He has a vast experience and knowledge on his subject. He would even advise you, if any problem, over the phone if a consultation is not required. He sits in defence colony and GK, both of them being an hour away from my residence, I always preferred to consult him instead of nearby doctors.