Dr. Mahadevi Hosamani

Dr. Mahadevi Hosamani is a Dentist in Electronic City, Bangalore
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Dr. Mahadevi Hosamani is a Dentist (BDS ) in Electronic City, Bangalore and has 1 user reviews.



  • BDS
Total Experience

17 Years


Laxmi Dental Clinic, 1, Metro Plaza, Neeladri Road, Electronic City, Bangalore

Phone No.: +919448223670.

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Terrible..This Dentist is absolutely overconfident and poor by knowledge.. I visited this dentist my front 4 teeth where I had veneers.  She told have composite there. She was confident while advising this as is she has great experience doing that. But in reality she has attended a 2 day workshop on Aesthetic Dentistry twice and that basis she is doing it. The veneer I had on one of my tooth was not removed and composite was done on it..Blunder..!! It could chip off any time..Very bad finishing and average type of work..Huge fees..Also I wanted to fill in the cavity of one of my tooth..She removed the Silver Amalgam from that Cavity and filled in with composite..This is Blunder…No dentist would do it..I immediately started having pain there. Now I have to go to another Dentist to get it cured..Huge huge loss…Don’t go to her..U would lose Money, Time and teeth as well..

I can bet on this that the positive feedback given by others is fake one or through dummy Ids