Dr. Manju Sengar

Dr. Manju Sengar is a Oncologist in Parel, Mumbai
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Dr. Manju Sengar is a Oncologist (MBBS ) in Parel, Mumbai and has 1 user reviews.



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Cancer Specialist

  • MBBS
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Tata Memorial Hospital, Dr. E Borges Road, Parel, Mumbai
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As Per Appointment

Phone No.: 02224177000, 02224146750.

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Dr is the great Doctor as for in my opinion. I have seen her dedication and quick decesions at the right time when I had gone through Chemo Theraphy under her in 2010.

I have servived only because of two lady one is my wife and other one most important deserving Doctor .I had tried to meet her when I went to TMH for follow up but it could not happened due to her engagged routine. I was very exited to meet her because she is God for me.,but I could not even talk when she passed me in corridor of TMH.I was feeling guilty to stop her in corridor because she might needed more to any other patient than me. Hence I just wished mam and let her gone to the room for consutation.

Mam if you read this massage please please give me your cell number to me(09407982914) ,I promise you I will not disturb you never without your permission. 

I know right from I first time sent to you for consultation in OPD, I was confident that I will definate servive under your treatment. It happened in the same manner. Mam if you remember I had gone through a surgery for gangareine just after twelve days of starting Chemo and I returned after six days of un concious condition.I have possitive parameters right from that day, it is six and half years now I am fit and fine.

I would like to have dinner with you along my family members if you permit me.Finally mam you are the great Doctor and I quote always you as the best wherevere I get platform.

Thank you for saving my life for my young daughter which was only 8 years old at that time.