Dr. Minish Jain

Dr. Minish Jain is a Oncologist in Hadapsar, Pune
Doctor Detail :

Dr. Minish Jain is a Oncologist (MBBS, MD ) in Hadapsar, Pune and has 2 user reviews.



Speciality Alias

Cancer Specialist

  • MBBS, MD


Noble Hospital, 153, Magarpatta City Road, Hadapsar, Pune.
Consulting Timing :

Mon - Sat 7:30 am - 8:30 am

Phone No.: 02066285000, 02043285000.

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Guest Review

Most negligent doctor I ever came across. Very rude and just greedy.

Consulted on taking injections and when they aggravated the problem he was nowhere to be found during his office hours. 

Called him and he rudely and blindly suggested to admit the patient and said I will see later.

Big doctor with big greed and carelessness. Honest review from a person who was worried and this so called doctor just tried to make money out of it.

Not to be referred for any illness and specially serious one's. You would not want to waste crucial time and hard earned money on doctors like these.

Verified User

He is a good doctor. Suggest proper medication and results are nice.