Dr. Nalini Pais

Dr. Nalini Pais is a General Physician in Old Airport Road, Bangalore
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Dr. Nalini Pais is a General Physician (MBBS, MD ) in Old Airport Road, Bangalore and has 1 user reviews.


General Physician

Speciality Alias

General Practitioner

  • MBBS, MD
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Cloudnine, Opp Kemp fort (Total Mall), Old Airport Road , Bangalore, Karnataka - 560017

Emergency No.

+917259036017, 08067152222.

Phone No.: 08067999999.

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Dr Nalini pais is rude, egoistic , ignorant. My father went to her for over 10 years, for 3 years straight he complained of headache and disability. She choose to ignore it. Finally she says it may be spondylitis. But no action taken.  It turned out to be brain cancer. She did not have the common sense to get a scan done ? No x Ray, no blood test. Just ignore patients complaints. Post diagnosis is in Manipal hospital,we went back to Dr Nalini Pais,asking her how she ignored a brain cancer patients, and didn't bother to get a scan done. She replied... YOU PeOPLE COULDNT have AFFORDED A SCAN. Really???? !!!! Then how did we manage get treatments in Manipal Hospital. May be he would have with me longer, if those initial 3 years was not ignored. We had thought of going legal against her. But that would not bring my father back. She doesnot listen to patients. If we went on a off day, she shouted at us. She writes the prescription before the patient can finish talking. People like her Ruin our trust in doctors. I wonder how many more have been targeted to her arrogance,  ignorance and ego. She shouldn't be a doctor. She should be a dictator. She's a shame for the medical profession.