Dr. Naresh Pahwa

Dr. Naresh Pahwa is a Nephrologist in Sarju Prasad Marg, Indore
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Dr. Naresh Pahwa is a Nephrologist (MBBS, MD ) in Sarju Prasad Marg, Indore and has 1 user reviews.



Speciality Alias

Kidney Specialist

  • MBBS, MD
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CHL Hospitals, Near L.I.G Square, A. B. Road, Indore

Phone No.: 07316622222, 07312549090.


Gokuldas Hospital, Sarju Prasad Marg, Indore

Phone No.: 07312519212, 07312519218.

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Very Careless Doctor. My Father in law almost colapsed because of if negligence and/or urge for earning more money. My father in law was admitted in hospital for observations for 1 day for complaints on cough and cold. He gave very high dose of Lasix Injections(100 mg) based on a false/incorrect report without further investigations. His BP droped like anything(70/10) and all his body minerals were drained out through urine overnight. Later when it was noticed that the reports were incorrect, he refused that he subscribed Lasix and distanced himself from the treatment, however I have the copy of the document where he has prescribed lasix.

Please avoid such hungry doctors.