Dr. Prashant Udawant

Dr. Prashant Udawant is a Pediatrician in Yerwada, Pune
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Dr. Prashant Udawant is a Pediatrician (MBBS, MD ) in Yerwada, Pune and has 6 user reviews.



Speciality Alias

Child Specialist

  • MBBS, MD


Sai Children's Clinic, Hindustan Apartments, Behind Uttam Tower, Opp. Aga Khan Palace, Nagar Road, Yerwada, Pune.
Consulting Timing :

Mon - Sat 12:00 pm - 3:30 pm, 5:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Phone No.: 02026688042.

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I have seen this doc for over 2 years now and this doctor is 24 carat , no doubt about it . No unnecessary medicines and a good diagnosis. But the way appointments are made has a lot of room for improvement also the staff do need some soft-skill training. Visiting the doctor something becomes like a pilgrimage,

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The receptionist at Dr.Udawant's clinic are pathetic.

They absolutely do not have any manners and their way to talk to parents who's children are sick is highly to be criticised.

I visited the doctors place to take an appointment because nobody picks up my calls.when I reach there and ask one of the receptionist that how do we take appointments she doesn't reply,doesn't look at me,makes a frown face and says I don't know.

she is looking in her cell phone not bothered if my child is sick and on telling her at least look at me she says "mai kya Karu Doctor ok pucho k emergency me kya krneka"

Is the doctor treating my child for free,you go there and receive such insulting behaviour as if she is doing a favour on me

patients are crowded in and out of the clinic.I have never seen such a pathetic clinic and such rude behaviour in my life.Seems like a money making business.

they have so many patients that they just don't care

I suggest that nobody should go to a doc where child's health is not the priority.

Dr udawant is good but the staff receptionist, assistants are so horrible. Even after seeing the child is so sick they don’t have humility, no manners how to talk with patients. Worst and pathetic clinic. Never recommend to anyone to go there.


I am writing in so harsh because of I went there when my child was so sick and I asked about doctor and my number but they responded very rudely. I am sure Doctor must be aware of such rude behavior of staff but still he is so silent dont know why. Too bad clinic. 

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He is a very good doctor. He does diagnosis well. Very famous and known doctor.

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He is very good doctor.Never gives much medication but very effective.

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I am taking my son to Dr. Prashant from last many years. His diagnosis is very nice and medicines prescribed by him are very effective.