Dr. Ranjit Jagtap

Dr. Ranjit Jagtap is a Cardiologist in Sassoon Road, Pune
Doctor Detail :

Dr. Ranjit Jagtap is a Cardiologist in Sassoon Road, Pune and has 4 user reviews.



Other Speciality

Cardiothoracic Surgeon, Cardiovascular Surgeon, Cardiac Surgeon

Speciality Alias

Heart Specialist


Dr. Japtap's Heart Clinic Office No. C 3 & 4 Sharadaram Park, Opp. Ruby Hall Clinic, Sasoon Road, Pune
Consulting Timing :

Mon - Fri 6:00 am - 8:00 am

Phone No.: +919822010966.

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An expert Doctor.  Very calm and jolly while handling patients and their relatives, solving queries regarding health to the utmost.  Our patient is very safe in his hands.  Mrs. Archana Bagul

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He is the best doctor. He gives treatment perfectly. I am fully satisfied with the results.

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I was very comfortable with the treatment given by Dr. Jagtap. He charges very reasonable and does effective diagnosis.

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Dr. Ranjit Jagtap is one of the most renowned and best cardiologists in Pune