Dr. Ritu Santwani

Dr. Ritu Santwani is a Gynecologist in Koregaon Park, Pune
Doctor Detail :

Dr. Ritu Santwani is a Gynecologist (MBBS, MD, FICOG ) in Koregaon Park, Pune and has 4 user reviews.



Other Speciality

Ivf, Infertility Specialist

Total Experience

16 Years

  • Pune Test Tube Baby Centre & Shyam Well Women Clinic 2006 – Present (9 years)
Personal Number +919822025023


Pune Testtube Baby Center, North Main Road, Koregoan Park, Liberty Phase - 2 , C-6 , Opp. Lane - 5, Pune.
Consulting Timing :

Mon - Sat 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Phone No.: +919822025023.

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We had moved to Pune a few years ago and were looking for a good gynec and asked our friends for references. After visiting a couple of other doctors, we found out about Dr. Santwani online. A big thank you for all those who have taken time to write so many positive reviews for her as it helped us with our decision for going to Dr. Ritu. Hence writing review for others so it may be helpful for many more couples and families. First and foremost, Dr. Ritu is a genuine human being and always caring for her patients.


Dr. Ritu gives time, listens and understands the patient’s problems fully before proposing any solution. She is very sensitive to the patient. She first understands the entire background of your case then comes up with a positive solution. Her treatments take some time as she gets to the root if it and then prescribes treatment. She's a very honest person and from the start she gives complete information. She will tell you what's the problem how we are going to go resolve it and most importantly how much it would cost and alternatives if any. She never keeps her patient in dark and clueless of what's going to happen next. Some people feel it is very expensive to go with her. Matter of fact, she takes all the necessary tests before starting anything and giving medication which is a good thing. Would you rather not take tests to confirm everything and begin treatment just like that? So you need to have faith and cooperate. This is not magic.. it is medical science and it takes time depending on your case history. We had a case of PCOS and she treated it from the root. For us, in addition to the medication, Dr. Ritu always kept a balance by even suggesting some foods which can counter it. 


We have know her since 2012. We are very happy with her and all the support that she gives us and she's so friendly that you will feel at ease at once. We would highly recommended Dr. Ritu. Please don't just go to her for a short period and change the doctor. Many are doing that – they take her treatment, change doctor mid-way and later they think that they conceived due to the other doctor which is absolutely not the case. She's expert in her area and very dedicated to her work and treats very critical cases. With Dr. Ritu, you’ll soon get your health back and hopefully have lovely sweet baby in your arms too.


Thank you Dr. Ritu for everything you do for us.. for all your love, care and support over the years. We are always ever so grateful to you. God Bless.

I am very much thankful to Dr Ritu Santwani for curing my problem.
    Dr Ritu had taken a lecture in my previous company 3 yrs ago. There I heard her first time, she sounds very friendly and impressive personality, on that time I decided that in future incase I have any Gynec concerns I will visit to her only. 
      From past 1 year I was feeling some pain & heaviness in my both breasts at time of menses , but I ignored . Suddenly 8 months back I noticed a small lump on my left breast  and I was so tensed. As now I am relocated to my home town so I consulted 3 gynecs there , everyone suggested me to go for operation , I was so scarred to hear that. 
Then I decided to take final opinion from Dr Ritu Santwani , I booked an appointment and came all the way to Pune  from my home town. Dr. Ritu advised me some tests & sonomammography . Reports shown FIBROADENOMA OF BREAST.
   Dr Ritu advised me that this is not cancerous , she relieved my half tension there only. She advised me some medications for 6 weeks & called me on follow up, In 2nd report lump size were showing reduced . She told me to continue medication  for more 6 weeks, then to see her again in follow up.
    On completing my treatment , as I am out of India so taken my tests here in Australia only .  All reports are normal & no  lump felt.
Thank you Dr Ritu Santwani, you are simply the best Gynec!! 
Your's Archi :-) 

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Dr Ritu Santwani does good diagnosis. She is very friendly and affordable doctor.

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Dr. Ritu is experienced doctor. Her diagnosis is excellent and affordable.