Dr. S. R. Ganapathy, Cardiologist in Janakpuri, Delhi

Dr. S. R. Ganapathy is a Cardiologist in Janakpuri, Delhi
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Dr. S. R. Ganapathy is a Cardiologist in Janakpuri, Delhi and has 3 user reviews.



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No 2 & 3, A5B/A5C Market, DDF, Opp. Janakpuri C2, Near Star Medicals, New Delhi, Delhi

Phone No.: 01125501414.

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Dr S R Ganapathy is a very senior doctor and specialist in the field. He is non commercial . His diagnosis is very accurate and reliable. I have my best wishes for him. I know him more than35 years when he used to live in C2A Janakpuri , New Delhi.

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Dr.Ganapati is very good doctor he is very accurate in his diagnosis n suggest good medicine remedy to over come the illness. We always need his service for Delhi est.

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Dr. Ganapati is a good, affordable, non-commercial doctor, who does accurate diagnosis. Medicines prescribed are good and he recommends only required medical tests.