Dr. Sangeeta Jain, Gynecologist in Vikas Marg Extension, Delhi

Dr. Sangeeta Jain is a Gynecologist in Vikas Marg Extension, Delhi
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Dr. Sangeeta Jain is a Gynecologist (MD ) in Vikas Marg Extension, Delhi and has 2 user reviews.



  • MD
Total Experience

23 Years


Joy IVF Clinic, 4 Pushpanjali, Vikas Marg Extension, Delhi

Phone No.: +919999997110.


Jain Hospital And Neuro Center, 177-178, Jagriti Enclave, Vikas Marg Extension, New Delhi, Delhi

Phone No.: 01122144946.

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A pure Robot in human body, thats Dr. Sangeeta Jain for us ( have to leave the treatment in 7th month & look for other gynae)!!! Emotionless, money minded, time concious( ensure a patient exits within 1-2 mins), pure professional, no feelings & so on.... 
I strongly recommend to avoid Joy IVF/ Jai Hospital for delivery! Doctor is good for one time consultation, but not for 9 months guidance( as she goves zero guidance)... She is rude, speaks less, don't give tips to first time parents- 0 satisfaction! 
Try to avoid Joy/ Jain hospital if possible, we learnt the hard way! U guys please learn it from our experience!

she doesn't care about patient's feeling.money minded women 😏.