Dr. Sushil Mandhaniya

Dr. Sushil Mandhaniya is a Oncologist in Dharampeth, Nagpur
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Dr. Sushil Mandhaniya is a Oncologist (MBBS ) in Dharampeth, Nagpur and has 2 user reviews.



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Cancer Specialist

  • MBBS


Mandhaniya Cancer Hospital & Research, A-101, First Floor, Neeti-Gaurav Complex, Beside Hotel Center Point, Khare Town, Dharampeth, Nagpur, Maharashtra - 440010

Phone No.: +919673063399.

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he should polite with his patient and their relatives.thanks

When someone is diagnosed with cancer, it's a huge blow to them and their loved ones. With the diagnosis, begins a journey which takes a lot of courage and guidance, be it for the first stage or the last. At such trying times ruthless and immoral businessmen such as ‘Dr.’ Sushil Mandhaiya come into picture. This man is the most pathetic and heartless person you'll ever meet. He is a blot on the name of a doctor. With a really ‘bindaas’ attitude, non-stop blabbering about having passed out of AIMS, and flaunting off ‘his’ earlier survivors, he'll make himself look like your best chance for an oncologist. He is not. He'll offer you cheaper treatment options and cheaper generic medicines (which one can get for even less and those of better brands at Dr. Anand Pathak’s pharmacy, but our ignorance works for Mr. Mandhaniya’s profit). At present, his so called cancer research centre doesn't have the facility to admit patients overnight which is highly important for many reasons as:


  1. Most patients need a lot of intravenous hydration along with chemo. Otherwise they'll experience severe damage in their kidneys, liver and other vital organs. However, hydrating a patient between doses of chemo medicines takes up time which Dr. Mandhaniya doesn't have as he has to operate within the day.

  2. All patients from first to last stage are very likely to need medical assistance during night.


Besides being immature and immoral this man is cruel. Please save yourself from a lifetime of regret and don't even think about going to this guy. It's impossible to forgive yourself of making your loved ones go through the psychological distress this man causes during their last days.