Dr. Tushar Chowdhary

Dr. Tushar Chowdhary is a General Physician in Aundh, Pune
Doctor Detail :

Dr. Tushar Chowdhary is a General Physician (MBBS, BAMS ) in Aundh, Pune and has 7 user reviews.


General Physician

Speciality Alias

General Practitioner



Kusum clinic, Flat No. 6, Asopalav apartments, Sanewadi, ITI Road, Sanewadi, Aundh - Pune
Consulting Timing :

Mon - Fri 11:00 am - 2:00 pm, Tue - Thu 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Phone No.: 02025886648.

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He understands the problems of his patients in detail and does accurate diagnosis. He is a good doctor. I would recommend Dr Tushar to anyone.

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Dr. Tushar charges very reasonably to both, lower class and upper class. Extremely non commercial doctor.

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He is one of the good doctors in city. He does not prescribe irrelevant medications and medical tests. He has a good knowledge in his domain. Highly recommended.

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Dr. Tushar is a good doctor. He is our family doctor. We always try to visit him for any guidance related to our ailments/illness. He is absolutely non commercial.

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Dr. Chaodhary gives consultancy to fitness club members and physician, my son also takes consultation from him. He does accurate diagnosis.

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Dr Tushar is a good doctor. The clinic of his, is always crowded with patients. I always try to visit this doctor for consultation.

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Dr. Tushar Chowdhary is excellent doctor.