Dr. Uday Gadgil

Dr. Uday Gadgil is a Ophthalmologist in Thane West, Thane
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Dr. Uday Gadgil is a Ophthalmologist (MBBS, DNB Ophthalmology, DOMS, FRVS ) in Thane West, Thane and has 1 user reviews.



  • MBBS, DNB Ophthalmology, DOMS, FRVS
Personal Number +919819321818

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Dr. Gadgil Eye Clinic, 1st Floor, Paraside Towers, Gokhale Road, Opp Alok Hotel, Near Mc Donald, Naupada, Thane West, Thane

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The clinic was a vegetable market - Uday Gadgil's only purpose was to maximize the money he could make in the OPD hours. 

I went for Cataract Surgery inquiry for my diabetic father and my wife had accompanied us (disclosure: my wife is a MD, practicing at Hiranandani Hospital, Powai). We already had done all the investigations before coming to Gadgil, the only reason we went to him was that he was close to our home and someone had recommended him.

The first thing he does is tell us about  a lens called "Symphony" - all inclusive cost of which was Rs. 1,00,000 for an eye - this was even before we sat down!. My wife told him that she is a doctor and inquired about the how Symphony lenses would help? Dr. Gadgil could not utter a convincing word about Symphony lenses, he was visibly embarrassed. 

Most of our Ophthalmologist friends had advised us to put Mono-focal lenses (which would cost less than Rs. 40,000 all inclusive in most of the hospitals) this is advisable for a diabetic & hypertensive patient because if the retina develops some changes in future then Multi-focal lenses are not suitable.  Then he proceeds to do the routine procedure and my wife asked him about the cost of the surgery - he said that his wife would tell us that (she is an Anesthetist). He does all the procedures and then his wife tells us the cost, if we knew the charges beforehand we would have not proceeded with the investigations!

We asked Dr. Uday some questions about the surgery but his wife interrupted and said that she would tell us all the details later, since there were other patients waiting outside. We wanted to know all the details from the doctor himself for us to make up our mind on the surgery; Mrs. Gadgil is an Anesthetist and is not qualified to advise any patients! 

I would advise anyone to avoid Dr. Gadgil - he is insincere and a thorough unprofessional.