Dr. Vani Sundarapandian

Dr. Vani Sundarapandian is a Gynecologist in Neelankarai, Chennai
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Dr. Vani Sundarapandian is a Gynecologist (MRCOG, DGO ) in Neelankarai, Chennai and has 1 user reviews.



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20 Years

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Jananam Fertility Centre, 22/46, 1st St, Kazura Garden, Neelankarai, Chennai

Phone No.: 04424499123.

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Dear everyone It's my pleasure to let you all know our experience with Dr. Vani and all the wonderful staffs at Jananam. JANANAM - it mean a lot to us; here's our testimony. As like other couples who doesn't have a kid, we too went across painful situation for 7 years, we faced humiliation and shamed to face friends and relatives. We couldn't resist them asking for a special good news from us even though we were settled in United States for couple years. During the treatment phase in US, we were diagnosed infertile couple who can't have a child naturally and had to opt for IVF and in mid of the treatment we had to return back to India due to the reason my husband's assignment was completed. Upon our return to India, we heard about Jananam, scheduled our appointment with the Dr. Vani. Our first visit with her was really unforgettable; we informed her that we wanted to continue our treatment and informed about the complications in getting conceived. She answered all our silly questions with smiling and charming face and surely after seeing her you will forget your worry. She recommended us to repeat few vital blood tests before going for IVF, kind of no-rush, hurry or quick, but effective and a firm decision from her gave an confidence to move further. The cost of this treatment is pretty reasonable and affordable for us, we also know that the overall cost is less comparatively, we continued to face the treatment with confidence and as a result, within 3.5 months timeframe the treatment is completed with a Frozen embryo transfer; we got a positive news on our first pregnancy check and yayyy.. our bundle of joy is now 10 weeks old swimming within. We are celebrating and enjoying each and every moment of the pregnancy. During each visit, she remembers our name, history, schedules etc. She even remembered the exact date when I' am supposed to have my pregnancy blood tested. Such a good memory and an excellent person, for us she is not only a good doctor but a mom as well; thank God for showing her in our life. Our whole family is happy now. Thank you Dr. Vani for the 5 star treatment given to us. About Jananam staffs - they are very kind, excellent and greet you upon your visit, very active. During our visits, we felt Jananam as our own home. Staffs in the Pharmacy, reception, billing counter, lab, security, housekeeping were very kind and polite. The special homemade food in the cafeteria is first class. Well-deserved special thanks to Dr. Mangalam, Dr. Sajila and all the wonderful humming bird nurses, admin and entire team. We cannot forget you all in our life time and you will remain evergreen in our hearts. We definitely recommend Dr. Vani to everyone who is looking for the best fertility centers. Choose Jananam - east or west, Jananam is the best. Cheers. With complements, thanks, regards and best wishes, Mahiba