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Urologist in Bangalore

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Treating Peyronie's disease

Peyronie's illness as per educated urologist in Bangalore is the advancement of stringy scar tissue inside the penis that causes bended, agonizing erections. Men's penises differ in size. Having a bended erection is basic and isn't inexorably a reason for concern. In any case, in a few men, Peyronie's illness causes a critical twist or agony. This can keep a man from having intercourse or might make it hard to get or keep up an erection (erectile brokenness). For some men, Peyronie's sickness additionally causes anxiety and anxiety. In a lesser rate of men, Peyronie's illness leaves all alone. In any case, as a rule, it will stay stable or intensify. Treatment may be required if the ebb and flow is sufficiently serious that it counteracts effective sex.

The reason for Peyronie's ailment as per famous urologists in Bangalore isn't totally saw, yet various components have all the earmarks of being included. It's thinking Peyronie's ailment for the most part results from rehashed damage to the penis. For instance, the penis may be harmed amid sex, athletic movement or as the consequence of a mischance. In any case, frequently, men don't review particular injury to the penis. Amid the mending process, scar tissue frames in a confused way, which may then prompt a knob that you can feel or improvement of bend.

Every side of the penis contains a wipe like tube that contains numerous small veins. Each of the corpus cavernosais encased in a sheath of flexible tissue called the tunica albuginea, which extends amid an erection. When you turn out to be sexually excited, blood stream to these chambers increments. As the chambers load with blood, the penis extends fixes and solidifies into an erection. In Peyronie's ailment, as per good doctor of urinary tract of males in Bangalore, when the penis gets to be erect, the district with the scar tissue doesn't extend, and the penis twists or gets to be deformed and potentially agonizing. In a few men, Peyronie's malady goes ahead step by step and doesn't appear to be identified with harm. Scientists are examining whether Peyronie's illness may be connected to an acquired attribute or certain well-being conditions.


Your specialist may suggest a sit back and watch (careful holding up) methodology if: 

  • The ebb and flow of your penis isn't extreme and is no more intensifying 
  • You can in any case engage in sexual relations without torment 
  • Torment amid erections is mellow 
  • You have great erectile capacity 

On the off chance that your side effects are serious or are exacerbating after some time, your specialist may suggest drug or surgery. The objectives of treatment with solution incorporate decreasing plaque arrangement and torment, and in addition minimizing ebb and flow of the penis. 

There is one solution affirmed by the Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of Peyronie's illness which has also been approved by the best doctor for male reproductive system and urinary tract in Bangalore. It's called collagenase Clostridium histolyticum (Xiaflex). This solution is affirmed for use in men with an unmistakable bump from plaque in the penis that causes an arch of no less than 30 degrees amid erection.  The treatment works by separating the development of collagen that causes penile shape. It includes a progression of in-office infusions, straightforwardly into the penile irregularity, and additionally penile displaying — brief activities to delicately extend and fix the penis. 

In clinical trials, this collagenase treatment fundamentally diminished ebb and flow and annoying side effects connected with Peyronie's sickness in numerous members. Examine potential reactions of this medicine with your specialist, as some of them can be not kidding. 


Most highly professional and educated urology specialist in Bangalore  suggest against surgery amid the early provocative period of Peyronie's sickness. Your specialist may propose surgery if the deformation of your penis is serious, particularly vexatious, or keeps you from having intercourse. Surgery as a rule isn't suggested until the ebb and flow of your penis quits expanding.  Surgical techniques include 

  1. Suturing the unaffected side - An assortment of systems, for example, Nesbit plication, can be utilized to suture (plicate) the more drawn out side of the penis (the side without scar tissue). This can rectify the penis, yet it may bring about real or saw penile shortening. At times, plication strategies cause erectile brokenness. 
  1. Penile inserts - Surgically embedded penile inserts supplant the springy tissue that loads with blood amid an erection. The inserts may be semirigid — physically bowed down more often than not and bowed upward for sex. Another sort of insert is expanded with a pump embedded in the scrotum. Penile inserts may be considered in the event that you have both Peyronie's sickness and erectile brokenness. 
  1. Cut or extraction and uniting - For the most part utilized as a part of instances of more extreme bend, this technique is connected to more serious dangers of compounding erectile capacity contrasted and plication methods. The specialist makes one or more cuts in the scar tissue, now and again uprooting some of that tissue, permitting the sheath to extend and the penis to fix. The specialist might sew in a bit of tissue (joining) to cover the gaps in the tunica albuginea, a layer inside of the penis that keeps up an erection. 

The kind of surgery performed by reliable urologist in Bangalore will rely on upon your condition. Your specialist will consider the area of scar tissue, the seriousness of your side effects and different components. A procedure known as iontophoresis uses a powerless electrical current to convey a blend of verapamil and dexamethasone noninvasively through the skin. Research indicates clashing results.  A few nondrug medications for Peyronie's are being explored, yet proof is restricted on how well they function and conceivable symptoms. These incorporate utilizing extraordinary sound waves to separate scar tissue, gadgets to extend the penis (penile footing treatment) and vacuum gadgets.