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Diabetologist in Hyderabad

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Diabetologists in Hyderabad talk about the normal cure for diabetes

Diabetes, additionally called diabetes mellitus, has turned into an extremely basic health issue as stated by the best diabetologists in Hyderabad. There are two fundamental sorts of diabetes-sort 1 diabetes in which the body does not deliver insulin and sort diabetes 2 in which the body does not create enough insulin or the insulin that is created does not work legitimately. 

Hyderabad Diabetologist doctors state that a percentage of the normal indications of diabetes incorporate exhaustion, weight reduction, over the top thirst, expanded pee, cut and wounds that t moderate to recuperate and obscured vision. Given below are the main 8 natural remedies for diabetes. 

  1. Bitter Gourd 

Bitter gourd, otherwise called bitter melon, can be useful for controlling diabetes because of its blood glucose level bringing down results as per Specialist. It tends to impact the glucose digestion system as opposed to a specific organ or tissue. It increments pancreatic insulin discharge and avoids insulin resistance. Subsequently, bitter gourd is useful for both sort 1 and 2 diabetes. Doctors say that it can be utilized to help cope up with the insulin treatment. 


Some amount of bitter gourd juice on an empty stomach every morning works wonders. To start with evacuate the seeds of a few severe gourds and utilize a juicer to remove the juice. Add some water and after that drink it. Take this treatment every day in the morning for no less than two months. Also, you can incorporate one dish made of bitter gourd day by day in your eating regimen. 

  1. Cinnamon 

Powdered cinnamon can lower glucose levels by animating insulin movement. It contains bioactive parts that can avoid and battle diabetes. Certain trials have demonstrated that it can fill in as a powerful choice to lower glucose levels in instances of uncontrolled diabetes. 

Cinnamon, nonetheless, ought not to be taken in abundance in light of the fact that we ordinarily utilize Cassia cinnamon (found in most supermarkets) which contains a compound name as coumarin. It is a lethal intensifier that prevents the danger of liver. 


There is another variety of this herb which is termed as Ceylon cinnamon, a real cinnamon. It is considered more secure for wellbeing as stated by famous diabetes doctor in Hyderabad; however its impacts on blood glucose levels have not been concentrated satisfactorily. Mix half to one teaspoon of cinnamon in some warm water. Drink it every day. Another alternative is to bubble two to four cinnamon sticks in some amount of water and permit it to soak for 20 minutes. Drink this every day until you see change. You can likewise add cinnamon to warm refreshments, smoothies and prepared products.