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Urologist in Hyderabad

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All about frequent urination

Frequenturination as per reliable urologist in Hyderabad is the need to urinate more regularly than what's ordinary for you. You might be passing more urination than expected or just little sums. Continuous urination might happen both day and night, or it might be perceptible just amid the night (nocturia). Continuous urination can influence your rest, work and general prosperity. 


Frequenturination might be created by illnesses influencing the urinary tract at any level. The urinary tract incorporates the kidneys, the tubes associating the kidneys to the bladder (ureters), the bladder, and the pipe through which urination streams from the bladder out of the body (urethra). 

A few variables might be connected to regular urination, for example, 

  • Infection, ailment, damage or disturbance of the bladder 
  • Conditions that build urination creation 
  • Changes in muscles, nerves or different tissues influencing bladder capacity 
  • Certain malignancy medicines 
  • Drugs or drinks that expand urination creation 

Contingent upon what's bringing on your regular urination, you might encounter other urinary issues, for example, 

  • Pain or inconvenience amid urination 
  • A compelling impulse to urinate 
  • Difficulty urinating 
  • Loss of bladder control 
  • Unusual urination shading 

Seeing a specialist 

Make a meeting with your specialist in case you're urinating more oftentimes than expected and if: 

  • There's no evident cause, for example, drinking more aggregate liquids, liquor or caffeine as per the professional doctor for male reproductive system and urinary tract in Hyderabad 

Contact your specialist at the earliest in the event that you have incessant urination alongside any of these signs or indications: 

  • Blood in your urination 
  • Red cocoa urination 
  • Painful urination 
  • Pain in your side, lower guts or crotch 
  • Difficulty urinating or exhausting your bladder 
  • A compelling impulse to urinate 
  • Loss of bladder control 
  • Fever 

Urinary tract issue might bring about the above signs or indications, however so can different genuine infections or wellbeing conditions. Search medicinal discover what's bringing on your frequenturination and how to treat it. Frequenturination, where you feel a desire to pass urination more frequently than expected, is not only an irritation and a reason for poor rest, it can be a manifestation of a fundamental medicinal condition. 

Polyuria is a medicinal term that alludes to the over the top going of urination (frequenturination). Tragically numerous individuals warrior on, maybe tolerating it as something they need to endure, or they don't think it merits pestering the good doctor for urinary tract of females in Hyderabad about, or possibly they are frightened it may connote something genuine. Be that as it may, frequently, when they look for conclusion and treatment, patients discover the cause is not genuine or hurtful, and it is conceivable to come back to ordinary urinary propensities. 

For example, continuous urination can come about because of drinking too numerous liquids, especially those containing caffeine or liquor. Pregnant ladies regularly have the condition, because of the developed uterus pushing on the bladder. Nonetheless, if it be the situation that incessant urination is a side effect of something more genuine, then there is much more motivation to look for medicinal consideration, on the grounds that the sooner it is analyzed and treated, the more noteworthy the shot of fruitful treatment. 

Quick certainties on continuous urination 

Here are some key focuses about frequenturination. More detail and supporting data is in the principle article. 

  • Frequent urination can be a side effect of a basic restorative condition. 
  • Frequent urination can come about because of drinking too numerous liquids 
  • The normal individual discharges around 5 to 8 containers (1 to 1.8 liters) of urination at regular intervals. 
  • Frequent urination is the place you pass urination more frequently than expected. It can at times happen with a sudden, convincing desire to urinate, alongside bladder inconvenience. 
  • Common reasons for regular urination incorporate diabetes, pregnancy and prostate issues. 
  • Tests can incorporate urination investigation, imaging tests, neurological tests or urodynamic tests. 
  • If the cause is an overactive bladder, there are a few prescribed medicines which, in conjunction with behavioral methods, can build the odds of effective treatment. 
  • A study has recommended that individuals who urinate in any event twice during the evening diminish their bladder disease hazard by 40% to 59%. 

Different causes 

Pregnancy - From the early weeks of pregnancy the developing uterus places weight on the bladder, bringing about frequenturination as per experienced lady urologist in Hyderabad

Prostate issues - An augmented prostate can press against the urethra (the tube that does urination the body) and piece the stream of urination. This causes the bladder divider to end up touchy. The bladder starts to contract notwithstanding when it contains little measures of urination, creating more frequenturination. 

Interstitial cystitis - This state of obscure cause is portrayed by torment in the bladder and pelvic area. Regularly, indications incorporate a dire and/or continuous need to urinate. 

Diuretic use - These medicines that are utilized to treat hypertension or liquid development work in the kidney and flush overabundance liquid from the body, cause frequenturination. 

Stroke or other neurological maladies - Damage to nerves that supply the bladder can prompt issues with bladder capacity, including continuous and sudden desires to urinate. 

Less regular causes incorporate bladder tumor, bladder brokenness, and radiation treatment. 

Regularly, visit urination is not an indication of an issue, but rather is the issue. In individuals with overactive bladder disorder, automatic bladder constrictions lead to visit and regularly earnest urination, which means you need to get to a washroom at this moment - regardless of the fact that your bladder is not full. It might likewise lead you to wake up once or all the more amid the night to utilize the lavatory. 


On the off chance that urinary recurrence meddles with your way of life or is joined by different side effects, for example, fever, back or side torment, regurgitating, chills, expanded craving or thirst, exhaustion, wicked or shady urination, or a release from the penis or vagina, it's essential to see your specialist. 

To analyze the reason for incessant urination, your specialist will perform aphysical exam and take a medicinal history, making inquiries, for example, the accompanying: 

  • Are you taking any meds? 
  • Are you encountering different side effects? 
  • Do you have the issue just amid the day or additionally during the evening? 
  • Are you drinking more than expected? 
  • Is your urination darker or lighter than regular? 
  • Do you drink liquor or charged refreshments? 

Contingent upon the discoveries of the physical exam and therapeutic history, your specialist might arrange tests as per main urologists in Hyderabad, including: 

Urinalysis - The minuscule examination of urination that additionally includes various tests to identify and measure different aggravates that go through the urination. 

Cystometry - A test that measures the weight within the bladder to perceive how well the bladder is functioning; cystometry is done to figure out whether a muscle or nerve issue might be bringing about issues with how well the bladder holds or discharges urination. 

Cystoscopy - A test that permits your specialist to take a gander at within the bladder and urethra utilizing a slim, lit instrument called a cystoscope. 

Neurological Tests - Diagnostic tests and methods that offer the specialist some assistance with confirming or discount the vicinity of a nerve issue. 

Ultrasonography - An indicative imaging test utilizing sound waves to picture an inward body structure. 


Treatment for continuous urination will address the basic issue that is creating it. For instance, if diabetes is the cause, treatment will include holding glucose levels under control. 

The treatment for overactive bladder ought to start with behavioral treatments, for example, 

  • Bladder retraining - This includes expanding the interims between utilizing the lavatory through the span of around 12 weeks. This retrains your bladder to hold urination longer and to urinate less oftentimes. 
  • Diet alteration - You ought to keep away from any nourishment that seems to bother your bladder or goes about as a diuretic. These might incorporate caffeine, liquor, carbonated beverages, tomato-based items, chocolate, artificial sweeteners, and hot sustenances. It's likewise vital to eat high-fibresustenance’s, since clogging might decline the indications of overactive bladder disorder. 
  • Monitoring liquid admission - You ought to drink enough to avert clogging and over-centralization of urination, yet you ought to abstain from drinking just before sleep time, which can prompt evening urination. 
  • Kegel works out - These activities reinforce the muscles around the bladder and urethra to enhance bladder control and diminish urinary desperation and recurrence as asserted by most visited urologists in Hyderabad. Practicing pelvic muscles for five minutes three times each day can have any kind of effect in bladder control. 

Treatment might likewise incorporate medications, for example, tolterodine expanded discharge; trospium broadened discharge for ladies is the main medication accessible over the counter. There are different choices for those that don't react to way of life changes and drug. The medication Botox can be infused into the bladder muscle bringing on the bladder to unwind, expanding its stockpiling limit, and lessening scenes of spillage. 

Home cures 

While it is ordinary to feel a desire to urinate 4-6 times each day yet in the event that it surpasses this number, you might be experiencing the issue of frequenturination, particularly on the off chance that you have to urinate more than 8 times each day. 

Stomach Massage for Frequent Urination in Women 

Numerous ladies experience menstrual issues that might prompt bladder issues including incessant urination, bladder contaminations, or Interstitial Cystitis. The cause behind these conditions might be the tilted position of uterus that applies abundance weight onto the bladder. 

Prostate Massage for Frequent Urination in Men 

One of the medications for regular urination in men because of prostate issues is the Prostate Massage Therapy. This back rub is either given inside or remotely. While this treatment ought to dependably be led by your specialist, it discovers place in this cure list for frequent urination. 

Taking all the dietary insurance alongside some way of life changes like consistent practicing and Kegel practices for fortifying pelvic muscles will offer you some assistance with getting free of incessant urination as per most honoured urologist in Hyderabad.