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Diabetologist in Kolkata

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Are you aware of the heart screening machine?

An electrocardiogram as per known best diabetologist in Kolkata for women is utilized to screen your heart. Every beat of your heart is activated by an electrical drive ordinarily produced from extraordinary cells in the upper right assembly of your heart. An electrocardiogram likewise called an ECG or EKG records these electrical signs as they go through your heart. 

Your specialist can utilize an electrocardiogram to search for examples among these heartbeats and rhythms to analyze different heart conditions. An electrocardiogram is a non-intrusive, easy test with snappy results. Your specialist might talk about your outcomes with you that day as your electrocardiogram, or at your next arrangement.


An electrocardiogram is an easy, non-invasive approach to analyze numerous basic sorts of heart issues. Your renowned famous diabetologists in Kolkata might utilize an electrocardiogram to distinguish: 

  • Irregularities in your heart cadence (arrhythmias) 
  • If blocked or limited corridors in your heart (coronary supply route sickness) are bringing on mid-section torment or a heart assault 
  • Structural issues with your heart's chambers 
  • A past heart assault 
  • How well progressing coronary illness treatment, for example, a pacemaker, is working


On the off chance that you have a family history of coronary illness, your specialist might recommend an electrocardiogram as an early screening test, regardless of the fact that you have no indications. It's hazy how accommodating electrocardiograms are in screening individuals who don't have side effects.



An electrocardiogram is a protected method. You might have minor uneasiness, like evacuating a gauze, when the cathodes taped to your mid-section to gauge your heart's electrical signs are uprooted. Once in a while, a response to the terminal tape might bring about redness or swelling of your skin.


An anxiety test, in which an ECG is performed while you practice or after you take solution that mirrors the impacts of activity, might bring about sporadic heartbeats or, infrequently, a heart assault. These symptoms are brought on by the activity or prescription, not the ECG itself. 

There isn't any danger of electric shock amid an electrocardiogram. The terminals put on your body just record the electrical action of your heart. They don't radiate power.



No uncommon arrangements are fundamental. Be that as it may, enlighten your specialist concerning any meds or supplements you're taking. A few medicines and supplements might influence the result of your electrocardiogram.