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Near Shahpura Lake, Shahpura, Bhopal.

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hi All,

This my personal and honest review about the Bansal hospital bhopal. 

1. The Hospital is expensive with respect the service provide.

2. lots of stupids rules and regulation to show people that they are maintaining the value.... that is all show off

3. The doctors are cheater they been tough to charge the patients more and more ..... actually they are the business man not actual doctors.... they create a panic scene for the patient condition to their family memebers....instead of giving normall room they place the paitent in special room (which charge is 3 time more than the normal room)

4. They take so long to give you the bill ....and lastly charge according to the time and hour purposely.

5. In my case i decided to go out from the hostipal and consult other hospital and doctor...... I got the shocking news that the same doctors ....contacted the other doctor from hostipal where i went for the treatment second time and after there conversion , I been told the complete facilities not available right now  and you have to go back to Bansal hospital only.

So.... please see the last point (5) and you come to know how much difficult for normal patient if he /she visited the bansal hospital