Billroth Hospital

Billroth hospital


  • Multi-Specialties


  • Diagnostic, Lab, Ambulance Services, EEG, EMG, PFT, Diabetic Doppler, Emergency Services, CCU, Operation Theatre, Dialysis, Endoscopy, Making Rooms for you, OT


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43, Lakshmi Talkies Road, Shenoy Nagar, Chennai

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  • Rated : 0.5

 good doctors .clean ambience.good nursing care.swanky reception &billing(?) Sections.but a tucked away collection centre for discharge summary?!-was asked to come after few days of discharge and collect- more importantly ,found adding Rs.5000 as lumpsum 'miscellaneous'charges' beyond mediclaim and cash payment ,intriguing.I was told that the founder intended this hospital for not so rich people?

  • Rated : 4

Dr. Rajni is a godsend to be very honest. One of the best doctors that I have met in a long time. There is one good doctor who is totally dedicated to her field and wants to make the best of what she knows. She did help my friend to conceive and within 15 months she was able to give birth to her daughter. Instead of spending too much money here and there with other doctors who can promise you so much do not provide with anything in return, it is recommended to check in with Dr. Rajni and look for good news here instead. She is very warm and good person and helps everyone with a compassionate heart

  • Rated : 4

Billroth Hospital is well known only due to one of their best doctors on the panel – Dr. Rajni! She is gem of a person. She is a well known name in the world of IVF treatment all over Chennai. We were not able to concieve for about six years and then when we went off to see Dr. Rajni, we got to know that there were some problems with the environment of my wife’s vagina and it could be solved very easily. Under the guidance of the doctor, we were able to undergo a series of procedures to rectify this. Now my wife is five months pregnant and we are expecting our first child very soon. The doctor is very nice and I would recommend anyone to go visit her rather than visiting any other doctor who takes out money in the name of fertility treatment.